Assisted and Senior Living Communication Platform

Inadequate communication is often a major problem in environments of assisted living. Poor communication among providers, families, and residents can lead to strained relationships, gaps in quality of care, and even worse. There often are simply too many people involved and too many relationships to manage effectively without the assistance of technology.

Omni-channel, automated digital communication technology has the potential to improve health outcomes and lower costs across almost every sector of the long-term care industry.

How Commbox Can Help

CommBox is an intelligent customer communication solution for live and automated interactions. Omnichannel by design, our platform provides one unified stream of communication, regardless of the channel customers choose to engage through. We support WhatsApp, SMS, chat, social media, email, video, voice, and more. All communications are handled effectively through one smart inbox.


Assisted Living Business Benefits

  • Family members being able to use their preferred digital communications channels, reducing phone conversations.
  • Improved SLA and satisfaction among family members.
  • Reduced load from reception desk employees by automatically route the requests to the suitable caretaker.
  • Enabling staff members to react to multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Keeping a record of all interactions, demands, and conversation history.
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What channels are supported?




More features
  • Customer satisfaction moduleCustomer satisfaction module
  • Digital signature (forms)Digital signature (forms)
  • Customer verificationCustomer verification
  • Working hoursWorking hours
  • WebhooksWebhooks
  • Rest APIRest API
  • Custom CSSCustom CSS
  • Ready designed templatesReady designed templates