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Pelephone uses CommBox to easily launch new digital service channels and to promote self-service effectively

Pelephone is a large mobile network operator and the first company to offer mobile telephony services in Israel. The company has 2,594 employees and 2.43 million subscribers.

The Challenge

Like many other telecom companies, most of Pelephone’s customer communications is still done by phone. In order to engage customers better while reducing service costs and response times, the company implemented several digital communication channels, such as social media pages, business emails, chat and self-service systems.

However, these channels were managed by separate systems, integrations and processes. Therefore, Pelephone found it difficult to evolve and embrace the digital transformation effectively.

The Solution

Pelephone chose CommBox in order to:

Using CommBox’s flexible configuration and ready APIs, integration with Pelephone’s CRM and other existing systems was done quickly and easily by CommBox’s team.

The Results

CommBox’s system was implemented successfully and it currently manages service, support and sales processes for private customers. By the end of the year, CommBox will also provide Pelephone with a solution for business customers via email and SMS.

Today, CommBox enables Pelephone to manage all its digital channels through one platform:

1. Chat
2. Video chat
3. Self-service
4. SMS
5. Facebook
6. YouTube
7. Email

Currently, dozens of agents already use CommBox. By the end of the year, 200 agents will work exclusively with the system.

While a phone agent handles about 60 inquiries in an 8-hour shift, a digital agent working with CommBox handles more than 102 inquiries in the same time. 1.7 times more!

And no less important, using CommBox’s Interactive Navigator on the company website and applications, Pelephone’s customers now find it much easier to get the information they need before being transferred to a live agent. A stunning number of 90% of chat inquiries are now solved over the web by smart self-service suggestions, and do not even reach a live chat agent.

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