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Commbox Paves Way Towards the First Autonomous Enterprise in Israel

Government Customer Service: Overcoming Communication Challenges Through Omnichannel Solutions

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First Autonomous Enterprise

Commbox, the leading AI-powered customer interaction platform in Israel, is revolutionizing customer communication for Clal, Israel’s largest insurance enterprise

May 5th, 2021, Tel Aviv

Commbox announces one of its most innovative features to date, a cutting-edge WhatsApp bot-squad to be launched as part of Clal’s rapidly-growing digital customer service. The extended variety of WhatsApp bots will automate all of the company’s self-service client interactions, via the most-used messaging app in the world, striding Clal forward towards becoming the first autonomous enterprise in Israel

With more than 60% of customers preferring to solve basic issues through a self-service website or app, the newly announced WhatsApp bot-squad is a huge game-changer for mid-to-large-sized companies and organizations.

Commbox has been supporting Clal’s digital customer service efforts for the past few years, providing the company with a full AI-powered omnichannel customer communication solution, perfectly suited for Clal’s large-scale needs.

By using intelligently automated self-service bots, Clal can truly take advantage of the immense growth of over 50% usage in digital communication, without sacrificing the quality of its service, keeping customer satisfaction on the rise.

Commbox’s latest feature is designed to support businesses in living up to the expectations of 76% of consumers, who think companies should swiftly understand their needs. By implementing an advanced machine learning algorithm, the bots can understand customers’ intents and provide a natural conversational flow that is more human-like than ever before.

Alongside the cutting-edge technology, the bot-squad seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, putting the client’s needs front and center. By allowing customers to easily interact with companies that historically have been hard to reach due to scale, via an app they most commonly use every day, even the biggest of companies and enterprises can provide an automated yet highly personalized customer experience.

“The WhatsApp bot-squad marks a new era in digital customer service,” says Commbox co-founder & CEO Eli Israelov. “We’re excited to offer companies the most advanced AI features, allowing them to foresee their customers’ needs and act wisely accordingly.”

Commbox offers a holistic approach to customer interactions, creating a state-of-the-art customer experience.  The company, founded in 2013, is revolutionizing customer communication with its AI-powered omnichannel solution. By using the Commbox platform, companies and enterprises can provide a unified customer experience at the highest level, while managing all customer interaction across multiple channels (website chatbots, messaging, emails, social media, etc.) in one smart inbox. Commbox’s mission is to pave the way for companies worldwide to become autonomous enterprises, without losing their quintessential human touch.

Commbox is the official WhatsApp API Partner in Israel

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