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First Quarter Recap of 2020 at CommBox

First Quarter Recap of 2020 at CommBox

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2020 at CommBox. We’ve just finished the first quarter of 2020. Although we are in the middle of a world crisis we decided that life must go on, and we should push forward until we pass on to the other side of this long journey. So, a quarter has passed, so fast 😃! and we realized that we’ve achieved so much. We’ve advanced into new areas, made long-lasting partnerships, become an authority in our field, and made great memories along the way.

Our focus is on changing the world of customer communications and beyond. This is something we work hard to deliver every day and something we’ll carry with us into the future. We wouldn’t have reached the levels of success we have without the support of our excellent staff, the collaboration with our partners, or the continued support of our loyal customers. To those individuals who have been part of our success story, we’d like to say a big “Thank you!”. 💜

In completion of reaching the final 3 months of 2020, we’d like to recap our journey and bring our readers up to speed with recent developments at CommBox. Let’s get started!

What We’ve Achieved in the last 3 months

Rebranding from BumpYard to CommBox

This year we successfully rebranded our company from BumpYard to CommBox. When we started back in 2013, BumpYard was a good fit for us. We were a new and unique company with a fresh take on customer communications. We felt “BumpYard” matched our company perfectly. It was fresh, unique, catchy, and above all, memorable.

However, several years and tons of growth later, we no longer felt BumpYard was a good fit. We’re still the same company, but our vision and reach have expanded significantly since 2013. We now offer a huge variety of business communication solutions and are rapidly advancing our tech in this area. We wanted a name that reflected our position in the industry in 2020.

We brainstormed many ideas and eventually settled on CommBox. CommBox sums up what we’re all about – offering out of the box communication solutions for customer-focused businesses. Basically, all you need is one CommBox to cover all customer communication, live and automated. We decided that it was essential that “communications” be a part of the name. Delivering high-quality AI-driven communication solutions is our top priority and we wanted this to be reflected. We also wanted our name to immediately tell our potential customers what we can offer. We have experienced huge success in our home Israel, but we’ve also expanded internationally. We now provide communications solutions for companies all over the globe and as such, we want our brand to be instantly recognizable.

We want to bring world-class communications software to businesses everywhere to help them take their customer communications to the next level. To do that, we need to communicate clearly through our brand. And that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with our rebranding.

Unfortunately due to the Corona virus outbreak we couldn’t celebrate the occasion with all of our customers, so we’ll hopefully find another time in the near future to do that. 😃

Upcoming Software Release!

On top of the versions we release every quarter during the last year, we’ve been working hard to bring an upgraded concept to support our vision to become the first autonomous communication center supported by live agents. Our hard work has paid off and soon version 8 of CommBox will be going live!

We are huge proponents of automation technology and this has shaped our updates in this area. Automation isn’t just the future, it’s the present. We are automating now! We are also bringing robust automation tools to our customers. Automation tools can greatly enhance productivity, efficiency, and revenues when used correctly.

In terms of functionality, We focused on deep automation with new powerful AI algorithms and also we improved our bot studio because chatbots are skyrocketing in popularity and this is set to continue into the future. Below are the top reasons we want to bring the latest technological advances in terms of chatbots to our customers.

Our second goal with the update was to improve the look and feel of our service, as well as provide advanced new functionality. We want our service to be even more user friendly so our customers can jump straight in and get to work. Our customers want to connect with their customers, and they want to do this in a hassle-free environment. The updates we’ve made to the UI achieve this goal.

In a nutshell what can you expect from version 8:

  • Deep automation modules for a wide business automation processes
  • New channels such as Telegram and Google my business
  • Visual overhaul of the user interface – bright, clean, effective. Users can locate the right app with just a glance. There is a new Inbox UI, Modules UI, and more.
  • New and improved bot studio! We are expanding our chatbot design and AI capabilities.
  • Updates to the privacy and security module to align with strict regulations
  • Improved tag management for better classification for the automation process
  • A bundle of new reports
  • And much more…..

We hope to bring even more functionality to our automation services in the near future!

The COVID-19 Crisis and its implications

You can’t cover this quarter without mentioning the biggest crisis the world has experienced in the last 100 years.

You can write books about this situation, and there is no doubt it’s going to change many aspects of our life and one of them is definitely the way people do business and communicate.

In the last month, we are trying to support our customers by allowing and offering them business continuity.

Many of the customer service focused companies have realized that the best way to work remotely with fewer agents is using digital communication from home. No background noises, more efficiency. In the last weeks, we brought to the front more features that we’ll help the managers to control everything from home and above all, a lot of automation processes and chatbots that we implement on the fly to help cope with the masses of customers requests.

We are experiencing an increase of more than 1000% of the traffic, and thanks god (and our beloved team) our infrastructure can be scaled in minutes so our customers can rely on smooth operation in this hard times

Collaboration with Israel Ministry of Health Over Covid-19

Collaboration with Israel Ministry of Health Over Covid-19

As we’re sure you’re all aware, the world is experiencing a pandemic on a scale we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The novel coronavirus named Covid-19 was discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Over the last few months, the virus has spread rapidly throughout the world. Some countries have gone into lockdown, while others are taking a different approach. Although the approach differs from country to country, it’s now clear that no country will be unaffected by this pandemic.

Governments all over the world are communicating with their citizens to provide relevant, accurate, and up to date information about the virus and it’s evolving impact on the world. Here in Israel, we are collaborating with the Israeli government to aid this communication.

Our solution is based on Commbox’s omnichannel platform that allows users to receive real-time accurate information powered by AI-chatbots. Customer service agents in the Ministry of Health are experiencing unprecedented levels of calls and communications. The bot provides instant and relevant responses to concerned users, taking a considerable load off the customer service agents so they can continue to perform their job. Our solution utilizes WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integration to create a robust helpline for people in Israel who need up to date information on the coronavirus.

We believe our bot plays an important role in fighting this pandemic. Communicating reliable, relevant, and actionable information to people is paramount during these times. Misinformation can cause great harm and we are a key part of this fight against misinformation. We also believe this solution will serve as an example of what can be achieved for the crises of the future.

Beyond Israel, we are also helping organizations worldwide in the fight against coronavirus. Our chatbots enable businesses to continue operations and serve these customers through these uncertain times.

We have a heavy responsibility, but it’s one we welcome. We are proud to be a part of this fight and we will continue to support organizations in communication, whether that’s during the pandemic, or afterward as we work towards a brighter future.

Every business needs to communicate with customers, and that’s where we come in. Our main focus is on helping businesses achieve robust AI-driven communication with their customers. Whether you’re a bank, retailer, non-profit, or anything else, excellent communication is key. We live in a world that is geared towards customer experience in a way far beyond what we’ve seen in the past. It’s no longer enough to just provide an avenue for customers to contact you. Today, you must provide a range of communication channel options so that customers can contact you whenever they want or need to. These communication channels should be driven by automation and AI because data holds the key to unlocking your future successes. When it comes to delivering high-quality customer experiences, you shouldn’t be leaving anything to guesswork. Data collection and analysis provides an evidence-based path to success in this area. This is what we focus on every day.

Empowering our Customers

As businesses around the world must maintain their presence and business continuity, Here at CommBox we have helped hundreds of companies in shifting their customer service and support teams entirely towards remote working from home to overcome the pandemic crisis and continue doing businesses as best as possible.

We have our advanced and robust solutions to thank for this, and our developers who create them. Our solutions are designed with great care and attention with our customers at the forefront of our minds through every step in the development journey. Just as our customers want to bring excellent communication tools to their customers, we want to do the same for our customers.  We are a heavily customer-focused company that always strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. We do this through advanced technology and next-level customer service.

We expect to continue growing in international markets in the future, bringing high-quality communications solutions to the businesses that need them.

The Future of Commbox

The Future of Commbox

What does the future hold for CommBox? Our mission is to help companies move to digital and automate their business on a large scale. Every decision we make is with this in mind. As we move to the future, we will continue to provide leading communications solutions to our customers. This means closely monitoring the industry and keeping up to date on advancements in AI and automation technology. Where we find advancements that can improve our communications solutions or new technologies that we think our customers will benefit from, we will work hard to bring them to our customers.

Our solutions are not stuck in time. They are constantly evolving to meet the rapidly advancing tech landscape and meet ever-evolving customer expectations. Rest assured that you will see more advanced communications solutions in the future. We’re also devoted to expediting our advanced new solutions as fast as possible, while still guaranteeing high quality.

In the present and very near future, we are committed to helping the Israeli government in the fight against coronavirus. This virus will not be beaten by one person or one nation alone. It requires the collaboration and cooperation of many individuals and advanced tools. Our solutions are playing an important role in aiding the government of Israel and we will continue to provide our services wherever possible. Together, Together, with more technological partners, I’m sure we can beat this.

We will continue to provide updates on our current developments and our successes in the future. Thank you for being a part of our journey!


The CommBox team! ❤️

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