Hispanos Services Optimizes Call Center Efficiency by up to 300% Using the Commbox Omnichannel Customer Communication Solution - CommBox

Hispanos Services Optimizes Call Center Efficiency by up to 300% Using the Commbox Omnichannel Customer Communication Solution

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Hispanos Services is a leading tax and insurance provider in the United States, specializing in the Hispanic population. Donald Rojas founded the company in 2007 to help the Hispanic community in the United States with tax and insurance issues.

Hispanos Services offers tax preparation, both for the private and business sectors. The company holds an independent insurance agency, offering auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance and more. The company also provides other services such as document translations, notarization, company registration, realtor, payroll, and bookkeeping.

Hispanos Services’ goal is to fulfill the Hispanic community’s dreams and achieve the success they came to seek since they left their homeland.

The Challenge

Hispanos Services experienced a massive surge in digital customer interactions during Covid-19, making it difficult to reply to all customer inquiries simultaneously, causing a slow response time and loss of potential customers. Customers also used to send messages after business hours, but the company couldn’t respond to their messages on time, resulting in losing sales.

Another issue was signing documents. Hispanos Services used DocuSign to sign customers remotely, but it wasn’t very convenient because not all of them had emails.

With no efficient way to manage recent year’s rising increase in customer requests through digital channels, the company understood the company’s need for a technological solution that would manage effectively all the customer communication.

Before implementing CommBox, Hispanos Services couldn’t handle all the requests in a timely and effective manner. Clients kept reaching out through their favorite communication channels; however, Hispanos Services couldn’t respond to their requests on time and provide effective care. A change was soon needed.

Hispanos Services – Commbox | The Solution

In order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction during this rapid growth, Hispanos Services integrated CommBox as their omnichannel customer communication solution. Moving to an omnichannel platform was the obvious solution for Hispanos Services, and their choice of CommBox was certainly the right one for their company’s needs.

Hispanos Services implemented the Commbox omnichannel customer communication system and made a revolution in their customer service and customer experience. The Commbox system combined easily into The Hispanos Services’ operational systems thanks to Commbox’s smart integration capabilities.

Commbox now supports Hispanos Services across multiple organizational endpoints and digital channels: WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, email, social media, and more to provide fast and effective customer service.

Hispanos Services also implemented Commbox’s automation features to upgrade sales and customer support teams with advanced capabilities. Today, Commbox’s automation features are implemented at the employee, customer, and partner levels.


Commbox easily integrated with all Hispanos Services operational systems including sales and customer support teams and led to a number of major achievements for the company:

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About Commbox

Commbox offers an innovative solution for customer interactions, creating a holistic customer communication experience. By using the Commbox platform, companies and enterprises can automate recurring tasks that are excessively time-consuming, allowing your agents to focus on more important tasks. Commbox paves the way for autonomous business communication, without losing the quintessential human touch.

Commbox’s mission is to pave the way for companies worldwide to become autonomous enterprises, without losing their quintessential human touch.

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