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Building Humanlike Chatbots

Building Humanlike Chatbots. Plus 6 Winning Tips to Create More Personal Conversations with your customers

What comes to mind when the term “humanlike chatbot” is mentioned?
Readily, you might say a system that performs human agent’s role in customer support for organizations. You would be right, anyway, but is there more? Certainly YES! The state of Artificial Intelligence in the world today is such that makes anything possible. Hence, if you thought it was impossible to create machines with human attributes, the reality of the modern world will erase that notion. Chatbots have been quite essential in customer service delivery of organizations. The reason is not farfetched – they offer customers quick reaction time, prompt answers to queries, sorting out of orders and satisfaction. For organizations, they increase customer loyalty, increased productivity, higher revenue, market visibility, prominence in market, among other advantages. However, sometimes, chatbots are limited in handling complex queries and other advanced processes. In such situations, companies have learned to have a human agent working side-by-side with it to ensure its productivity. Therefore, this book is all about showing you how chatbots can be built to perform in humanlike manners.

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