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  • App Store

    App Store

    AppStore Reviews allows you to connect all your application reviews from the Apple AppStore to the system Read more

  • Video Chat

    Video Chat

    The Video Chat app allows your customers and representatives to see and hear each other directly from the browser or mobile app. It delivers video and audio to just about any device without installing any plugins and offers both synchronous and asynchronous conferencing. And you can also record and take snapshots during the video chat!… Read more

  • Voice


    The Voice module is a flexible, programmatic and complete cloud-based solution that lets you make and receive phone calls using regular phone numbers. It is as simple as it sounds! Read more

  • Contact Us App

    Contact Us App

    The Contact Us app allows your customers to choose in which channel they prefer to leave you a message (chat, email, SMS, Facebook page, Messenger, etc.)   Read more

  • Interactive Navigator

    Interactive Navigator

    The Interactive Navigator app is “the new IVR” – it is a smart menu builder that controls the flow of your website and apps users and takes them where they need to go in the fastest way possible. It enables you to define customization and personalized menus and transfer your customers to other services or… Read more

  • Customer Service App

    Customer Service App

    The Customer Service app enables you to build an “inner wall” for private customer communications. Typically used by our customers as “Service” or “Support” tabs on their Facebook pages, this fully customized app can be also used on your websites and mobile applications. By implementing both private and public walls, your public Facebook wall stays… Read more

  • Chat


    The Chat app allows your customers to connect with your representatives directly from your website or mobile application. This fully-featured app enables you to customize the look & feel of the chat with full CSS support, send automatic messages, manage working hours and headlines, and work both synchronously and asynchronously. This application not only offers… Read more

  • Google Play

    Google Play

    Replying to apps reviews is vital when communicating with your customers. Answering their questions and requests can assist you to reach better ratings and convert more prospects into sales. Before a user completes a purchase, he will, in most cases get to read the reviews, so other customers experience will be elementary in their decision… Read more

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