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  • WhatsApp


    Nowadays, direct messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, have become an important tool for achieving customer satisfaction. WhatsApp is the most popular direct messaging app in the world and should be used by any business to better serve customer needs and be available through this popular channel. The only solution available to use the WhatsApp in… Read more

  • Google Business Messages

    Google Business Messages

    Google Business Messages is a new communication channel by Google that enables consumers to message businesses in Google Search or Google Maps in just one click. This way, consumers can message a business without having to visit the business’ website. Or enter any contact information, as they will be using your Google account. For now,… Read more

  • Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger is fast and effective, which makes it an exceptional feature for customer interactions and a significant platform for customer service. In case you get a large volume of messages, one of the biggest challenges of online social customer service is listening for and managing messages across various platforms. An essential tool is CommBox’s… Read more

  • Instagram


    It is widely known that Instagram is a powerful tool for lead generation and driving sales, but it’s also a powerful and super vital tool for your customer service. However, trying to manage all of your business comments, direct messages, and replies can be a major challenge and time-consuming. CommBox Instagram module allows you to… Read more

  • Twitter


    Answering customer requests and resolving interactions in a timely manner is the foundation of providing an excellent customer support.  Focus on Tweets to your account, brand mentions, product mentions, common misspellings of these terms, and relevant keywords. It’s also important to look and reply to direct messages. Each of these events provides an occasion to… Read more

  • Mail


    The Email app module connects your email account existing or new mailboxes to a smart management system that allows you to control all your email messages, reply to your customers, and categorize your entire correspondence. Each one of your organization’s public email addresses will be set as a service channel. We support standard email protocols… Read more

  • SMS


    The SMS module offers two-way communication with customers through SMS messages. Every communication channel you open represents one phone number of your organization. Now you can communicate directly by SMS at ease – your customers answer whenever they please, and your representatives just take it from there. This asynchronous module can greatly improve both customer… Read more

  • Facebook


    Social customer service is the practice of providing consumer support and guidance through social media channels such as Facebook to provide quick and relevant responses. Nowadays customers are looking for a fast resolution to their problems, which makes social customer support invaluable, especially through Facebook. Clearly, social media giant such as Facebook has evolved to… Read more

  • YouTube


    YouTube have more than 1 billion users on a monthly basis. YouTube users also run over 3 billion searches monthly, which makes YouTube the number 2 search engine in the world. Your brand videos should provide value or information that helps ease the customer experience, through the discovery stage to the educational stage of your… Read more

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