SAP Demo Environment
  • SAP Demo Environment

    How To Login To Commbox Demo Environment

    Get access to the Commbox platform to play around and to demonstrate to prospected clients

    To get access to our demo platform where you can present it to potential customers:

    1. Use the self-service tool here
    2. You will need to login into the tool using your SAP email and Windows / Mac password
    3. Use the following link:  sap-demo.commbox.io
    4. You might want to use the following demo script:  17327

    Feel free to contact Commbox if you have questions, whats to practice with us, or you want to learn from us what would be the best way to perform a demo

    Note: If for any reason you’re not able to register to log in, please make sure to contact Sathianarayanan Hari ([email protected]) from the SAP RMW demo team.

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