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AI-Powered Omnichannel: “The Global Pandemic Has Pushed More Companies Towards Automation at Scale,” CommBox CEO on the Benefits of Business Automation During Turbulent Times”

"The Global Pandemic Has Pushed More Companies Towards Automation at Scale," CommBox CEO on the Benefits of Business Automation During Turbulent Times

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AI-Powered Omnichannel

AI-Powered Omnichannel platform sees 90% rise in revenue due to COVID-19 with more businesses moving towards automated customer communications

There are perhaps no bigger buzzwords in 2020 than “Automation” and “AI”. Customer experience has been the top focus for most businesses for the last several years, and with good reason and this is exactly where Automation and AI demonstrate the most.

Today, we live in a world powered by customer experiences. Excellent customer experiences drive the success or failure of companies, and for this reason, customer experience, Automation, and AI is everything. Literally, there is no industry in which customer experiences aren’t important.

As companies scale, AI and automation become even more critical. The day to day operation of a growing business can be chaotic and time pressured. Some employees will be working overtime every day just to meet the demands of a thriving business. Automation is a great way to offload some of this pressure by streamlining the business processes and taking repetitive tasks away from your agents.

Eli Israelov CommBox CEO clarified that: “From what we recently experience here at CommBox we can clearly see that the adoption of AI and automation technologies in the workplace is set to rise to even greater levels, transforming our workplaces in a multitude of ways. Now more than ever we notice more and more businesses that are using CommBox that are looking to automate larger chunks of their business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks and still provide an excellent customer experience because in CommBox the conversational automation and the core business processes automation is always backed by human agents if needed (as part of the same journey). I believe that the use of business process automation will be at the heart of companies strategy for the next few years regardless of the industry it operates in”.

When it comes to connecting brands and their customers, CommBox, is considered among the world leading software solutions. The CommBox omnichannel AI-Powered platform allows brands to engage and develop relationships with their consumers using some of the world’s most popular messaging channels, like WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Chat, Voice, Telegram, Video Chat, and more. All conversations and relationships are done through one smart inbox using prebuilt templates and the latest tools to design automated and more human conversations.

CommBox is a digital messaging platform powered by a unique AI algorithm and a robust automation engine that enables automation of crucial business processes.

“During the pandemic we had the privilege to help brands to communicate more effectively with their customers whether the teams were located at home or in the office.
We have encountered massive traffic volumes during and have successfully managed to deliver the same exact service to our customers. Many of our customers found themselves in a situation they are not familiar with and needed to shut down their call center regular activity and move towards a home-based call center solution.

What we are mainly witnessing is current customers expanding their use of the platform and new customers joining in the CommBox automation solutions from different countries across the globe” Israelov Confirmed.

CommBox has announced its exponential growth in H1 of 2020, with an increase of 90% in revenue as compared to the same period last year.

Eli Israelov added: “We are constantly working to improve our platform and to find out more ways on how we can scale requests from our customers. We understand that business automation processes are now at the core of every business regardless of its size and industry.”

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