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Using CommBox’s Electronic Signature to Close More Deals and Get More Done in the Insurance Sector

Using CommBox's Electronic Signature to Close More Deals and Get More Done in the Insurance Sector

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Electronic Signature. Digitization has been a major goal for businesses over the last decade. This move towards a more online and digital way of operating isn’t just for large businesses but has been a focus for businesses of all sizes. In 2016, 78.85% of small and medium-sized businesses said that digital presence was very important for their business. Digitization comes in many forms, but the focus is always increasing efficiency and productivity. It’s about converting the old ways of working into an automation and AI-driven new way of working. Just think of how many millions of hours are saved every year in 2020 compared to 1995, where inputting data was a tediously slow and manual process. It could take a whole month to complete a task that can now be done in a matter of minutes by hitting a button.

At CommBox, we are dedicated to advancing digitization and giving companies the tools they need to be more efficient and productive. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on the insurance sector and how CommBox’s digital signature chatbot solution can drive success. Let’s take a look.

What Is CommBox’s Digital All in One Digital Signature Chatbot Solution

Our expert developers have been focusing on chatbot solutions as a way to bring powerful automation to every sector. Chatbots have a range of benefits including:

  • Improved customer service.
  • Great for collecting and analyzing data to gain actionable insights into your customer base.
  • It shows that you are modern and innovative and keeping up with trends.
  • 24/7 Customer service – This appeal to customers with different schedules and also makes it easier to operate in a global market that has to contend with different time zones.
  • Cost savings – Chatbots can handle a lot of tasks you would otherwise have to hire an agent or other employee to do. It also helps take the pressure off existing agents. A report by Juniper Research found that the use of chatbots in the banking industry saved $209M in 2019. This figure is expected to rise to a whopping $7.3B globally by 2023.
  • Increased customer engagement – Chatbots mean you are always available to engage with customers and this makes your customers more likely to interact with the company.
  • Increased reach – Having chatbots on the platforms your customers are on (WhatsApp or Facebook) will help attract new customers who use those platforms.

With our signature feature, your customers have a secure and easy way of signing digital forms without ever leaving the chat. All conversations are kept within the same channel, so there’s no need to switch between multiple platforms to handle documents. This can be done in either Live Chat or via a chatbot. Either way, the customer can complete the whole process without leaving their screen.

The Benefits for Insurance Companies

The Benefits for Insurance Companies

It Is the Quickest Way to Send, Sign, and Receive Forms and Documents Online

There are often lots of documents that need to be sent back and forth between the business and customers in the insurance sector. These documents are often required by law and fulfill an important role in the customer/business relationship.

Despite being required, they can still be a hassle. No one enjoys filling out documents and sending them by email to wait for a reply. No customer wants to print, sign, scan, and send their document back to the business. What they want is something simple that will take very few minutes out of their day. Equally, the business can’t get deals through as quickly and efficiently if they have to wait for customers to complete these time-consuming admin tasks.

Leads to Closing More Deals

Because it’s so quick and easy, customers are more likely to complete the end to end process in one session. They can pick an insurance plan and sign all the relevant documentation in a matter of minutes. When the customer has to leave the chat to print a find a printer and a pen and then scan it back in, they might never come back to it. Sometimes distractions happen and we never go back to the task. When the customer finally remembers that they need to buy or renew their insurance, they might simply choose another option. They might go and look for a company that has a more straightforward onboarding process, and then you’ve lost a customer.

It’s Secure

The Live Chat or Chatbot conversation is encrypted and secure. The company controls the environment. You can choose exactly what types of files are generated and how they are signed. You can also decide which types of files are eligible to be uploaded to the chat. When sending documents over email, there’s less control and therefore less protection. You can’t know whether the customer will (accidentally or on purpose) attached a malicious file to the email. Of course, most companies have extensive email filtering, but these filters won’t catch everything every time.

No Extra Admin or Losing Documents

The issue with asking customers to email in documents is that you have to trust that your employee training and your business processes will ensure that document is processed 100% of the time. This is easier said than done. No operation is perfect. Sometimes an email can get lost in a sea of other emails and not get looked at for a long time. The document isn’t downloaded and put in the right place, and the insurance policy can’t go ahead on time. This can frustrate customers and encourage them to seek a different option. With the digital signature feature, the signed form will be automatically saved once it’s received. There’s no extra admin work to do to complete the task.

Cost Savings

Companies can save tons of money by moving away from paper printing and going paperless. Paper, ink, and printer costs can be significant, especially in the insurance sector where the level of documentation is substantial.

The Benefits for Customers

It Works for All Customers

The issue with traditional requirements for document signing is that they are increasingly inappropriate for a modern world. Having a printer at home is a lot less common in 2020 than it was in 2005. Today, people are less likely to see the value of buying a printer when we live in an increasingly paperless world. For the times, a printer is necessary, people are generally happy to find a workaround, like printing the document off at work or using a neighbor’s printer. Put simply, people would rather find a solution at the moment than plan ahead and buy a printer, because home printers are fast becoming obsolete.

However, this process isn’t without stress. Some workplaces don’t allow employees to print personal documents because they were trying to reduce printing to support paperless initiatives. It’s also becoming increasingly common that your neighbors won’t have a printer either. By implementing a chatbot with digital document signing capabilities, this stress is completely eliminated for customers.

Forward Thinking

Customers gravitate towards forward-thinking businesses. If you’re making their lives easier today, then what might you bring tomorrow? Convenience is a huge factor for customers in any industry. The easier you can make the process for them, the better, and the more likely they are to stick around. They are also more likely to tell their friends and family how easy it was to purchase insurance through your company. Be the forward-thinking company that customers want to do business with,

What Channels Can Digital Signature Be Used On?

In the digital era, companies are increasingly offering a range of communication channels to their customers. The idea is simple, the more choice the customer has, the happier they are. We all have preferences and we appreciate it when those preferences are accommodated for – it’s no different in business. The channels customers can sign forms are: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram. However, the solution can be integrated into other messaging channels. The businesses that use CommBox’s solution most commonly use it on WhatsApp.

Wondering if this kind of solution is fit for the insurance sector? We work with a range of insurance companies to provide automation and AI tools that make the business run smoother and work more efficiently. Some of the companies working with us are Direct Insurance, AIG, Clal, Migdal, The Phoenix Insurance Company.

How the Digital Signature Feature Works?

How the Digital Signature Feature Works?

So how does CommBox’s solution work in practice?

Here’s how it works for Live Chat

  1. A PDF file is uploaded, and you define the fields that need to be filled in by the customer. You can decide what fields are required and what fields are optional. When the customer is ready for the form, the agent can send a direct link to the form inside the chat.
  2. The customer clicks on the link and starts filling out the form. That agent will be immediately notified when the customer begins completing the form. This means they can help customers with the process if they are struggling with anything.
  3. Once the PDF has been completed and digitally signed, it will be sent to the agent and the customer will also have a copy.

Here’s how it works in a CommBox AI-Powered chatbot

  1. The PDF file is uploaded and the fields are defined (the fields customers are required to fill in, as well as optional fields).
  2. The bot will automatically fill in the form by asking the customer questions or through their interactions. The customer will be able to view the form once it has been filled in and before they sign it.
  3. The complete digitally signed PDF file is sent to the customer and agent.

You can also…

  • Define the subchannel.
  • Set the required language within the form.
  • Generate text below the signature.
  • Set up the form validity, including when the signature on the form will expire.
  • Decide whether to allow the user to download the complete form to keep as a historical reference.

You are in complete control of what goes on the form, and how customers fill it in. This means you can tailor the form to perfectly match the way your business operates and transition over smoothly.

Get Started Today!

There’s no better time to start digitizing than today. Well, yesterday would have been even better, but you get our point! In a rapidly digitizing world, sticking with the traditional paper-based way of working can see you left behind. Customers today want convenience, modernity, and a company that aligns with their values. We live in an increasingly environmentally conscious world and customers like to see companies who stand up for the things they care about. Going paperless is a way to show you’re on their side!

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