Communicate with your customers using WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app

✓ Provide state of the art customer service.

✓ Increase sales using the WhatsApp business API.

✓ One smart inbox, providing seamless and instantaneous responses by harnessing the power of AI powered chatbots for WhatsApp

✓ Easily send and receive files, get customer current location, validate customer identity, send invoices, receive secure payments, and much more!

CommBox is an official WhatsApp business API provider

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WhatsApp business omnichannel bot service

Give your customers an easy and secure way to reach out to you using WhatsApp business omnichannel chatbot. A new way for customers dealing with your company to contact you using the WhatsApp messaging app. The bot is available 24/7 to serve your customers whenever and wherever it most convenient for them, also outside of the regular working hours!

Want to get started?

    Create a memorable customer experience

    Increase customer engagement using WhatsApp business API

    Provide with personalized customer experience and increase your brand’s layout

    Get more done! Respond to customer requests quicker than ever before

    Use template messages for better customer experience.
    Enhance customer service with automated notifications.
    One unified view for all customer interactions from all communication channels.

    Implement WhatsApp business omnichannel bot to allow your customers

    Receive updated information about their account, order, and or status.
    Gain access to personal documents, files, etc.
    Sign forms while chatting with the WhatsApp bot
    Send and receive documents
    Share their current and or future location
    Online secure payments through the WhatsApp messaging app
    WhatsApp end-to-end encryption for maximum security

    People are already using WhatsApp as their main communication channel for their daily interactions, why shouldn’t businesses act the same? Reduce the enormous costs of email marketing, paid ads, and promotional campaigns. With one WhatsApp channel, businesses can route through it their marketing, product promotion, and new services, as well as delivering customer support immediately and comfortably.

    Why use WhatsApp Business chatbot?

    Eliminate repetitive tasks for your agents
    Be available around the clock
    Automate what can be automated and leave the more stimulating tasks for your agents
    The bot can work in all channels to complete the real omnichannel experience
    The bot work in a complete and holistic way along side with the human team

    Learn why customers choose CommBox for their customer communications.

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