Tadiran changes customer service in Israel in the field of air conditioning by launching a dedicated WhatsApp line for the company's customers

Tadiran who manufactures Air Conditioners and provides service to the resellers and to end customers has always aimed to be a digital innovation company that puts the customer at the center of things. For many years Tadiran provided service through digital channels such as Email, Chat, SMS, and just recently decided to implement the service WhatsApp for business- the world’s most popular messaging app.

Recently, Tidran decided to make an organizational change and provide advanced customer service in the air conditioning field when it identified the situation in which most of its customers are already using WhatsApp. Tadiran is looking to meet the changing customer expectations in the digital age by utilizing advanced automation processes powered by an AI omnichannel chatbot for WhatsApp.

In a very short time since launching we measure that the Bot is resolving up to 40% of the request without any human touch, we believe that after 3 months of running the bot we’ll achieve 75% of resolving issues

Providing customer service on WhatsApp via Combox will help Tedran in:

  • Improving waiting times
  • Saving on operational costs
  • Automated enterprise processes with AI-powered chatbot
  • Increase in agent productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction

What are the use-cases?

  • Customer identification.
  • Automatically Schedule a service technician.
  • Troubleshoot common problems using the chatbot suggestions.
  • Be available around the clock (also outside of business hours) using a WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Update residential/business address for service delivery.

Most importantly, always be there for their customers on the channel they prefer no matter what.

“From today, Tadiran customers can schedule a service technician or troubleshot common issues with the help of the AI-Powered chatbot without waiting hours on the phone line!”

Finally, the Tadiran customers don’t have to wait long during the hot summer days for a technician to come to fix the air conditioner, the service even offers troubleshooting common issues at the touch of a button. Technician coordination is done easily and quickly on WhatsApp! It’s so simple…

The service that Tadiran will launch via WhatsApp and Combox’s omnichannel platform enables communication through live chatbots and agents.

The revolutionary, one of a kind service, currently launched by Tadiran and powered by CommBox will help Tadiran in:

  • 24/7 Availability around the clock even outside of business hours
  • The bot resolves an average of 40% of initial customer requests
  • Tadiran is now available on a channel where its customers are already using
  • Instant response and on the same channel without channel crossing
  • Frictionless, relevant, and instant customer experience
  • Saving on operational costs
  • Freeing up agents time for the more complex and interesting tasks

Innovative Digital Organization

Tadiran decided to provide service through WhatsApp simply since the company underwent a clear process of digital transformation with a deep understanding and listening to the customer’s needs.

In an age when customers expect to receive a relevant and quick answer, companies cannot afford not to provide service through digital channels.

In Israel, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging channel, and more companies are adopting WhatsApp’s service for businesses to be where their customers are.

A combination of automation processes using AI-based chatbots on WhatsApp’s messaging channel is also gaining momentum, with more processes automating and reducing “unnecessary” load from service agents.

Tadiran will now provide most of its service through the WhatsApp channel for business, thus maintaining a steady, unified, and advanced service level. Always in the color and voice of their brand – and most importantly how it is most convenient to its customers.

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