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Whether you’re ready to automate at scale or just need to streamline a single process, we’ll get you up and running quickly and prove an immediate ROI.

Join the world’s leading tech companies by partnering with CommBox to unlock meaningful business value and drive growth. Fulfill the market demand for digital engagement that delivers expectational customer service by enriching your offering with the best-in-breed, AI-powered customer engagement platform.

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CommBox offers an omnichannel customer engagement platform that empowers brands to offer messaging across all digital channels and create AI-driven, personalized experiences to automate and streamline conversations. The result: profound operational efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.

Differentiate yourself in the customer engagement space

Give your customers a powerful customer engagement solution so they can provide service across all digital channels, offer 24/7 self-service with automations, and leverage generative AI to drive business efficiency and cut costs.

Elevate your CRM offerings and drive new revenue opportunities

With an out-of-the-box yet comprehensive integration to Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other leading platforms, you can provide instant value to your customers quickly and seamlessly as CommBox is built right into their existing techstack.

Differentiate yourself in the customer engagement space

Our value-based partner program gives you the skills, tools, and support you need to capitalize on the digitally transforming world. Gain exclusive access to a wealth of value-added resources to distinguish yourself as a trusted advisor in your industry.

Rated CX Leader on G2

CommBox on G2 - Top Rated Customer Experience Leaders

Immediate value realization with CommBox

Our value-based partner program gives you the technology, tools, and support you need to capitalize on the digitally transforming world, where your customer’s business relies on operational efficiency and delivering better customer experiences. Our partners program empowers you to offer industry-leading customer engagement platform based on value and results.

Customers can:

  • Engage with consumers on any channel including messaging, social, email, SMS, and more
  • Streamline, route, and prioritize conversations leveraging automation and AI to free human agents and drive efficiency
  • Offer 24/7 support with self-service for common resolutions
  • Empower agents to see the entire customer journey in one unified platform and use generative AI to deliver better, more personalized service
  • Automate lead qualification, appointment scheduling, renewals, and more to conduct outcome-driven conversations.
  • Make data-driven decisions with intuitive dashboards, reports and analytics

Partners can:

  • Gain the skills, tools, and support needed to offer powerful customer engagement and capitalize on a digitally transforming world
  • Reach new audiences through CommBox co-marketing including access to sales enablement kits, training, events, special promotions, and more.
  • Work closely with CommBox to create custom offerings fit to market needs
  • Gain velocity and easily differentiate in a competitive market
  • Build an industry-leading customer experience practice

Unlock new revenue with CommBox.
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CommBox Era AI Generative AI for Customer Service Automation

Leverage Generative AI to boost automation and & agent efficiency

Leverage AI chatbots, custom workflows, ChatGPT and more

Connect agents across channels to offer an omnichannel experience

Tailor CommBox to your needs with complete client-level customization

Engage thousands of customers in a single click

Make informed decisions with dashboards and reports

Integrate seamlessly with every channel, system & app


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