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Deliver exceptional customer experiences with a robust
omnichannel workspace powered by AI and automation

A true AI, omnichannel workspace

Manage all conversations, inbound and outbound, across every digital channel, from a single workspace. Use automated conversation flows to resolve repetitive inquiries efficiently and at scale, while giving human agents the oversight and ability to jump in when needed. Automatically assign conversations to either a bot or a human agent based on behavior, triggers and predefined business rules. Seamlessly switch between human and automated agent retaining all context right from within the agent workspace.

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Empower managers & agents

Resolve inquiries as efficiently as possible with the ability to prioritize, assign and reallocate resources in the click of a button. Our robust routing engine ensures efficient agent workflow with business rules that allow brands to utilize self-service and automation when possible, saving time and cost. Agents and managers see context, templates, history, and intent right from the workspace, allowing teams to provide the best customer experience possible.

See customer journeys at a glance

The agent workspace is designed to give agents everything they need to understand the customer journey at a glance. Our end-to-end solution uses generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to identify user intent, deliver the right information and proactively steer the customer journey. The result is impactful conversations that drive outcomes for both consumers and agents.

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Hyper-personalization made easy

The Agent Workspace empowers agents to understand customers and tailor every experience to meet specific customer needs. From determining the preferred mode of communication, such as text, video, or voice, to gleaning actionable insights, the workspace makes it easy for agents to create hyper-personalized experiences that make customers feel understood.

Actionable insights

Proactively manage efficiency and service levels with our advanced analytics, customizable BI dashboard, and reporting intuitive tools. Access real-time insights for both automated and human agent-led experiences, track key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions for optimized operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Autonomous CX Essentials

Everything needed to create efficient, personalized experiences for exceptional customer service.

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Smart routing

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Group conversations

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Simple, yet powerful

Unleash the power of your customer service dream team: humans agents
and automated agents working together for faster resolution. With CommBox,
you gain the ability to take control, adapt with ease, and foster growth.


Seamlessly route conversations to the right agent at the right time, while enabling easier on boarding and agent retention. CommBox enables a seamless experience that empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer service.

Integration & customization

Pre-integrated with your enterprise business systems, CRM platforms, and third-party applications, while allowing rich customization options to align with specific business needs.

Proactive messaging & campaigns

Proactively reach out to customers across any digital channel, sending updates or additional information. Utilize predefined triggers to automate and ensure timely customer outreach. Stay effortlessly on top of the customer journey and initiate engagement.

CommBox Omnichannel Agent Workspace - Engage with customers from one place

Automated experiences, integrated into your systems

Stand out from the crowd by tailoring experiences on your customers channel of choice,
leveraging business data to reach higher conversions and satisfaction. On-to-one
communications or campaigns made easy with CommBox

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Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)

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Microsoft Dynamics

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Priority ERP

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Tech Specs

CommBox Connect is easy to implement, secure and customizable, ensuring that platform transition and development are a breeze for your team.

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Open platform for customization
  • Pre-made widgets for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Open API
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