Campaigns & Proactive messaging

Proactively engage thousands of customers in one click

Engage with customers on their preferred messaging channels. Easily set up outbound campaigns, send proactive messages and personalized offers and notifications to greatly increase conversation.

CommBox Campaigns & Proactive messaging

Acquire customers proactively

Easily set up and schedule outbound campaigns with ready-to-use templates on multiple messaging channels such as SMS and WhatsApp, directly from within your CRM. Customize the messaging to fit your brand’s voice and personalize based on event trigger or campaign goal.

CommBox Campaigns Insights

Retain customers with automated notifications

Create custom workflows and trigger personalized notifications, such as back-in-stock alerts, package tracking updates, and scheduled appointment reminders. Send notifications to customers at the right time and on their channel of choice.

Offer 24/7 support with AI-powered bots

Deliver a conversational self-service experience on business messaging, such as WhatsApp and SMS, to supercharge conversion and revenue growth. From lead qualification to automated renewals, appointment booking, upgrades and more, effortlessly reach out at the right time to unlock outstanding business outcomes.

CommBox Chatbot for Banks | Financial Services

Track performance in real-time BI dashboards

View your campaign performance through a single dashboard, including open rates, replies and conversions. Track customer satisfaction
using business intelligence. Get detailed reports with actionable insights to optimize your campaigns for future engagements.

All the channels, features & apps

Optimize conversions, efficiency and satisfaction

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24/7 engagement

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CommBox Business Messaging

Business messaging

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Proactive outbound engagement

Increase conversion and satisfaction by providing contextualized and personalized engagement across the customer journey. With out-of-the-box templates, automation and AI, you can easily set up outbound campaigns, send bulk messages, and deliver notifications based on customer behavior, triggers or pre-defined rules.

Intuitive set-up and campaign management

Deploy campaigns in minutes and manage them with ease, no special skills required. Define your target audience from your CRM and launch your campaign on any preferred digital channel. Track campaign performance and customer engagement with a pre-built dashboard, gaining insights to optimize messaging and achieve better results.

Integration and customization

Pre-integrated with your enterprise business systems, CRM platforms and third-party applications, while allowing rich customization options to align with specific business needs.

Contextual engagement

Engage with customers consistently in the context of their preferences, activities and history. When transitioning from an automated experience to a human agent, context is maintained and engagement is sustained to drive better results.

CommBox WhatsApp Campaigns | Proactive Messaging

Automated experiences, integrated into your systems

Stand out from the crowd by tailoring experiences on your customers channel of choice,
leveraging business data to reach higher conversions and satisfaction. On-to-one
communications or campaigns made easy with CommBox

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Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)

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Microsoft Dynamics

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Tech Specs

CommBox Connect is easy to implement, secure and customizable, ensuring that platform transition and development are a breeze for your team.

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Open platform for customization
  • Pre-made widgets for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Open API
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