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5 Features to Look For in a Chatbot for Enterprises

5 Features to Look For in a Chatbot for Enterprises

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Chatbot for Enterprises. With the rise of big data, AI and automation, businesses are excited to use the latest technologies to power their operations and serve their customers. A key area that businesses are looking to automate is their customer communications. The average business spends significant resources on dealing with minor customer service and sales issues and this can really slow down business operations.

Chatbots have emerged as great tools to help businesses automate their most tedious manual tasks. With chatbots, businesses can streamline customer communications, automate repetitive tasks and gain insights into their customers. These added benefits from chatbots can help free up your employees’ time, so they can focus on more productive activities.

This can be especially helpful if you run a consumer-facing business where you receive significant customer inquiries. Although chatbots are great, not all chatbots are built equally. Here are some of the best features to look for in a chatbot solution:

Use Case

There are numerous chatbots on the market and one of the most important factors you should consider is the specific use case for your business. When you’re looking for a chatbot, you generally have a specific need that you want help with. This can be customer service, sales, automated services and more. You need to ensure that the Chatbot you choose for your business has features that are tailored to meet your needs. Picking a generic chatbot solution will only lead to subpar results for the use case you intended it for.

The first thing your business should do is to clearly identify a pain point and how chatbots can help alleviate it. Once you have done that, it will be easier for you to identify which solutions are best for your business. For example, if you’re looking for a way to streamline and automate your customer service, a chatbot that is mainly used for customer service is your best option. This will allow you to reduce waiting time for customers, send automated messages and collect contact information from customers.

With your use case clearly identified, the process of searching for and choosing a chatbot is simplified tremendously.

Some tips that can help you identify your needs for a chatbot solution include seeing where your team is doing the most manual work and identifying the bottlenecks that slow down how you serve your customers. 

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Easy Customer Onboarding

Another key feature you should look for in a chatbot is the ease of customer onboarding. Many businesses want to use chatbots so they can be able to onboard customers 24/7. Typically, most businesses have a tedious and manual process for customer onboarding that can take multiple calls and marketing emails. With chatbots, customers can land on your website and do the entire onboarding process on their own time. This is a vital feature in any chatbot you select.

The chatbot you choose to use should have an easy and streamlined process for onboarding a new customer. You should demo the chatbot prior to purchasing it and see how easy or difficult it is for a brand new customer to sign up for your services. A great onboarding solution will allow you to do all the customer onboarding activities directly in the chatbot. This includes providing contact information, collecting digital signatures, receiving documents, filling forms and more. All the work that would previously need a sales rep can be done automatically from your chatbot. Make sure to ask your chatbot provider which features they have that can facilitate customer onboarding for your business. 

Integration Capabilities

The chatbot you select should have vast integration capabilities, so you can use some of the existing integrations in your business. Without integration, your chatbot will be siloed from your other business processes and this can lead to constantly going back and forth between your chatbot and integrations to service your customers.

A chatbot that allows for plugins and integrations will allow you to use your favorite sales and marketing tools directly in the chatbot. This includes CRMs, apps and more; some of the popular integrations that chatbot users use include Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Excel, WordPress and more.

The great thing about integrations is that it allows you to customize your chatbot to fit your specific needs. This can also be a great way to get detailed analytics on how your chatbot is performing and identify any bottlenecks in your chatbot. For example, if you use Mailchimp with your chatbot, you can be able to collect email addresses of your customers and automatically add them to your email list from your chatbot. This automated functionality allows you to grow your email list and use targeted email marketing to capture those leads and turn them into customers. 

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Conversational Maturity

Conversational maturity is the backbone of your chatbots’ operations. You have likely used several chatbots in your lifetime and have seen the difference in quality from different chatbots. Some chatbots are very generic in nature, while others greet you by your first name and can handle the vast majority of your needs without talking to a representative. The difference between those chatbots lies in conversational maturity.

Conversational maturity refers to how adept a chatbot is at creating a human-like conversation. The more human-like the conversation is between you and a chatbot, the more conversational maturity a chatbot has. The goal of conversational marketing is to ensure that your customer would receive nearly the same experience and customer service that they would get with a human representative.

You can gauge the conversational maturity of a chatbot by seeing how easy it is for a chatbot to carry a conversation and how easily it can get confused. The more natural the conversation is, the more conversational maturity the chatbot has. It’s vital to test out the chatbot for yourself prior to purchasing, so you can see the conversational maturity of the chatbot first hand. 

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Analytics helps you see the effectiveness of your chatbot and what you can do to improve the experience for customers. Many businesses that use chatbots enjoy their features, but are unable to improve their chatbot operations due to lack of analytics. Without analytics, you are forced to guess what works best for customers, conversions and more. It’s crucial to ensure the chatbot you select has all of the analytical capabilities you need to make sure you’re taking a data-driven approach to serve your customers.

Commbox – a Multifunctional Chatbot Builder for Your Business 

Commbox is a leading AI-powered omnichannel customer communication platform that allows you to manage all your communication from one smart interface. Additionally, Commbox allows you to create smart conversational chatbots powered by AI and machine-learning capabilities.

A chatbot you will build with Commbox will have all the 5 features listed above:

Use Case – Commbox’s chatbots are customizable and can be built for any use case: sales, customer service, automation and more.

Easy Customer Onboarding –  Create your unique and personalized chatbot in just a few minutes using Commbox. No coding skills are required.

Integration – Commbox’s chatbots integrate with multiple CRMs and ERPs and can operate on multiple communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

Conversational Maturity – Commbox’s Chatbots learn from every interaction with your customers and get smarter over time.

Analytics – CommBox enables you to measure and document all aspects of your customer communications. With this in-depth documentation, you can get extensive analytics on how customers respond to your messaging and what you can do to improve conversions. This detailed reporting on your data will allow you to make data-driven decisions on all of your optimization efforts.

About Commbox 

Commbox offers an innovative solution for customer interactions, creating a holistic customer communication experience. Using the Commbox platform, companies and enterprises can automate recurring tasks that are excessively time-consuming, allowing your agents to focus on more important tasks. Commbox paves the way for autonomous business communication without losing the quintessential human touch.

Commbox’s mission is to pave the way for companies worldwide to become autonomous enterprises, without losing their quintessential human touch.

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