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CommBox Announce a Unique Collaboration with Nixxis to Launch a State-of-the-Art Omnichannel Solution

CommBox Announce a Unique Collaboration With Nixxis to Launch a State-of-the-Art Omnichannel Solution

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Leading providers of innovative omnichannel communication solution, CommBox, works with Nixxis to help the company become an autonomous contact center Software

Nixxis to Launch a State-of-the-Art Omnichannel Solution. It was the coming together of two heavyweights in the tech world with the collaboration of CommBox and Nixxis. CommBox is one of the leading providers of innovative omnichannel communication solution and recently worked Nixxis to help the software company move to an omnichannel solution in order to support its software and clients through all communication channels.

The popularity and acceptance of automation business processes have increased worldwide with organizations across several industries looking to ensure a more effective and customer-centric process. The likes of business process automation, omnichannel chatbots, and other such digital tools, as well as their features have helped businesses to improve customer experience by ensuring a more effective customer engagement. CommBox is an innovative omni-channel customer service platform that seems to have spearheaded the omnichannel communication movement.

Over the years, CommBox has worked with several companies across different industries, with Nixxis being one of the most recent ones. Nixxis is one of the largest contact center software companies with operations in several countries across the globe. The company needed to move to an omnichannel solution in line with the company’s goal of providing customers with the best possible experience. The collaboration with CommBox became effective after several checks and demos, leading to a seamless transition of Nixxis to omnichannel.

Nixxis has successfully moved to omnichannel, which means that thousands of agents who will now use the commbox omnichannel platform. Nixxis was founded in 2006 by Luc Jacobs and since provide with the ultimate customer experience with its all-in-one software Nixxis Contact Suite becoming one of the most sought-after solutions in the field. Some features of the visionary and flexible solution are Nixxis Cloud, Outbound Dialler, e-Mail engine, and Multimedia Agent.

CommBox offers a complete, holistic and customized customer service platform with all communication channels. One of the distinguishing features of CommBox that have continued to endear the platform to thousands of brands across the globe is their unique set of algorithms at the core of the platform. As it aim to create a unique autonomous customer interaction center.

About CommBox

CommBox was founded in 2013 to help companies move to digital and automated customer communication at scale. Over the years, the company has developed the next generation omnichannel communication platform and customer relationship software that enhances customer experience and leads digital service, support and sales teams to success.

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