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Experience the new world of autonomous communication.

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  • Getting Started

    In order to access our APIs, you will need a Brand Access Token. This key is generated when your installation is complete and should be kept secret for all interaction with our resources. Read more

  • Customization

    CommBox also offers a variety of assistive technology tools to help your agents manage their customer communications more efficiently. These tools enable your administrators to adapt the system to the organization’s flexible business needs, work processes and branding guidelines. Read more

  • Webhooks

    The commbox Real-time updates API allow you to integrate to commbox systems and receive on-going updates. The API updates are push notifications that will be transferred to client endpoints on key triggers (or “Events”) in the commbox logic workflow. Read more

  • RESTful API

    CommBox’s platform has a complete RESTful API that thoroughly supports the platform operations for querying, creating and updating data. Read more

  • Tutorials

    Read more

  • Setup Process

    Read out guide on how to setup CommBox Read more

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