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Everything Generative AI for Customer Service.

Learn about the latest AI innovations and how to practically apply Generative AI to your support operations to improve business efficiency and radically cut CX costs.


What can Gen AI do for your support operations?

By providing automated resolutions through Gen AI-powered self-service, you can reduce call volume and automate incoming, repetitive inquiries and tasks – cutting up to 40% of CX costs.

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Streamline operations
Empower human agents with accurate, up-to-date responses and the ability to automate repetitive tasks – slashing handling times and improving agent productivity & onboarding

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Increase CSAT
Offer 24/7 support and self-service on messaging channels. Seamlessly transfer between channels to deliver personalized customer journeys for true omnichannel experience.

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Grow sales
Arm sales agents with AI-powered information at their fingertips and insights to improve conversion rates. Use AI-driven lead qualification and personalization to provide exceptional customer experiences.

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What is Generative AI and how does it work?

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that uses neural networks and large language models (LLM) to identify patterns in its training data and generate new content. Generative AI learns from historical data, understanding the context, language, and prompts, constantly evolving its capabilities and generated content.  

How is Generative AI used in customer service?

By integrating Generative AI capabilities into your customer service, you can automate routine tasks via self-service and generate tailored responses based on constantly updating knowledge. Additionally, generative AI can analyze customer sentiment and emotional nuances during conversations, and transfer the conversation to a human agent when needed.

How can I quickly get started with Generative AI?

Start by defining key objectives and defining how generative AI can help. Choose a customer communications platform that incorporates generative AI and is seamlessly integrated into your internal business and operational systems. Deploy gradually until achieving the desired results.

Does CommBox incorporate generative AI?

Yes. CommBox leverages generative AI within the platform, and it’s seamlessly integrated into your core business systems. CommBox Era AI – the conversational generative AI solution, enables you to launch generative AI bots in minutes, based on your existing knowledge base and website help center. .

Additionally, CommBox’s AI Agent Assist feature empowers agents with the most up-to-date information and standardized responses on-demand, as well as generative an automated conversation summary.

In what ways does Era AI improve agent productivity and soft skills?
Era AI enhances agent productivity by automating repetitive tasks, enabling human agents to focus on more complex and value-added tasks. It also provides agents with valuable insights and suggestions, improving their soft skills and overall performance.
How does Era AI reduce onboarding time for new agents?
Era AI reduces onboarding time by providing a standardized and efficient platform for training new agents. With the automation of routine tasks, new agents can quickly adapt and become productive members of your customer service team.
Can Era AI help decrease implementation costs?

Yes, Era AI can help decrease implementation costs by offering a seamless integration process. Its user-friendly setup and lack of complex configurations reduce the time and resources needed for implementation.

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