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CommBox in the classroom, eTeacher Customer Success Story

CommBox in the classroom, eTeacher Customer Success Story

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Customer Success Story

Who Are The eTeacher Group?

“At eTeacher our focus is on bringing together dedicated teachers with eager students, in a unique learning environment.”

Established in 2000, eTeacher operates world-leading virtual schools. Students from anywhere in the world can tune in to teacher-led classes and be expertly guided through their course content. Students can communicate with their teachers in real-time, getting the help they need to succeed. With tens of thousands of students, and this number growing every year, eTeacher has established itself as a leader in the e-learning industry.

Quick Look:

  • 135,000 Classes.
  • 400+ Teachers from 25+ countries.
  • 35,000 Students a year.

eTeacher Goes Above and Beyond for Students Using the CommBox Omnichannel Platform

eTeacher Goes Above and Beyond for Students Using the CommBox Omnichannel PlatformVirtual learning has become a popular alternative to traditional classroom-based learning over the last decade. While traditional classrooms can be highly effective, virtual classrooms offer unique benefits that simply can’t be achieved in a traditional environment. With online learning, students can access a vast range of courses that suit their needs. These courses are often not available in a physical location close to where the student lives. In the past, eager students would have to settle for the courses on offer in their local area or uproot their life and move to somewhere that offered these courses. This is extremely limiting for students, and especially those who want to branch out and learn niche topics to further a specific career.

There are several other key benefits to virtual learning. There are cost advantages that empower students to save while they learn. Students can enjoy a more flexible learning program and enjoy a better work-life balance. Students can strengthen their skills and pursue their passion at their own pace when they are ready.

As a leading e-learning company, eTeacher received a high volume of communications every day. Before CommBox, 80% of customer communications were handled over the phone, and 20% were handled via email. eTeacher recognized that these customer communication channels were limited, only catering to customers who wanted to converse through email or phone.

eTeacher decided to implement CommBox when they discovered that it was becoming increasingly difficult to reach customers over the phone. Texting seemed like a good solution to this problem.

The issue with phone-based communication is that it requires immediate action from both parties. When a company calls a customer, the customer has to interrupt whatever they are doing to take the call. The times that companies call aren’t always convenient for customers. This can lead to very delayed communication and issues can take much longer to address. Customers can also feel reluctant to take a sales call at any time but be happy to receive sales communication over text. eTeacher has found texting to be particularly useful for the sales team.

Communications Improvements with CommBox

Quick Look:

  • 220% increase in digital agent capacity.
  • Customer service response time significantly improved.
  • Better ROI in ACQ funnel due to higher conversion rate.

eTeacher currently has 16 agents working on the CommBox platform. They began their journey with a pilot program that included 5 agents. These agents were using the WhatsApp and Messenger online messaging services on a few of their websites that catered to English and Hebrew speakers.

The pilot began in January, and by April, an additional 11 agents were added to the CommBox platform. These agents now work across all eTeacher websites and languages (English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, and Arabic).

In terms of improvements, eTeacher believes that there has been a significant improvement in the sales team. They have also managed to lower their response time, resulting in improved customer care.

Tom Kalay, Chief Revenue OfficerTom Kalay, Chief Revenue Officer at eTeacher Group confirmed:

“What we can see for certain, in a very clear way, is that there is a very big demand for communication via texting from our customers. They prefer WhatsApp and Messenger rather than the traditional phone. With CommBox omnichannel messaging solutions we can meet our customers’ expectations within the hour”

At present, eTeacher is focusing on the WhatsApp and Messenger communication channels as a way to diversify the options available to their customers. They have found that there is a huge demand for message-based communication, with their international students displaying a preference for WhatsApp and American students displaying a preference towards Messenger.

Diversifying customer communication channels and understanding customer preferences can have a dramatic effect on the future success of companies. When companies know how their customers like to be approached and communicated with, they can begin to design sales and marketing material to address these preferences. More personalized marketing leads to higher conversion rates and drives up customer satisfaction and revenue.

eTeacher’s Journey – Key Benefits of CommBox

Quick Look at benefits:

  • Always being available for customers on their preferred channel
  • Instantaneous and relevant response.
  • First response time is improved.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Staying competitive by responding and adapting to consumer trends.

We’ve looked at the ways in which CommBox has improved communications for eTeacher, but what about the other benefits?

As a company that operates globally, eTeacher is tasked with understanding customers from all over the world, no matter their language or background. This can present significant challenges. eTeacher has five brands, with each brand working in 8 languages. Due to the complexities that naturally arrive in this system, messaging is much more effective than a phone for communication. The CommBox knowledgebase can help speed up communications by offering canned responses in a range of languages through the WhatsApp and Messenger channels. This ensures that customers are never waiting around for a response, no matter what time zone they are in.

Shai Kahan, Project Manager at CommBoxRoberto Alvo, Contact Center Product Manager at eTeacher Group said:

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

Responding and adapting to customer trends is also essential if companies want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to bring value to their customers. eTeacher were quick to recognize that customers no longer prefer communicating via phone calls, and that texting makes more sense in the digital era.

For the sales team, making the switch to messaging-based communication channels had a huge impact. Since eTeacher implemented the WhatsApp business API solution, their response rate has increased dramatically. Therefore, lead that generated through the WhatsApp communication channel have a higher conversion, engagement, and response rate.

Today, eTeacher is using WhatsApp and Messenger to generate new leads and engage with existing customers through their websites. Customers can express interest in courses and expect to communicate with eTeacher via messaging services in their preferred language. They can promptly receive important information about course requirements, content, and structure using these services.

Eli Israelov, CEO at CommBoxEli Israelov, CEO at CommBox clarified that:

“CommBox is highly scalable. This means it can grow as your company grows as we can see here. Customers are the lifeblood of successful businesses and there’s no such thing as a successful business without effective communication. I’m pleased to see that eTeacher group can finally reach their objectives by harnessing the power of CommBox and promoting a more natural and updated way to interact with their customers.”

While there has been a dramatic improvement for the sales team, the benefits of the CommBox platform can apply to any team in the business. The CommBox platform allows eTeacher to effectively handle the entirety of their communications through WhatsApp and Messenger channels, whether it’s sales, customer service, or any other function.

Shai Kahan, Project Manager at CommBoxShai Kahan, Project Manager at CommBox added:

“As an industry leader I found eTeacher to be very collaborative and professional. I believe that the tremendous growth we have managed to achieve in such a short time can showcase how well the CommBox WhatsApp business and Facebook Messenger features were implemented and have helped eTeacher to reach their business goals.”

If you enjoyed eTeacher’s success story and think your business can benefit from improving your communication channels, then it’s time to start your CommBox journey.

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