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CommBox introduces an innovative WhatsApp business omnichannel chatbot

CommBox introduces an innovative WhatsApp business omnichannel chatbot

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Now there is a new way for customers to contact their favorite brands via the WhatsApp business application.

WhatsApp business. CommBox launched a unique new service that enable businesses to implement chatbots in WhatsApp. This powerful new feature will allow customers to:

* Receive information about their account
* Get access to personal documents: instead of using email, fax or any other channel. they get instant response and access to their documents.
* The bot is available 24/7 on WhatsApp even outside of the regular business working hours.
* During working hours customers can chat with a live agent and get instant responses to their queries.

CommBox WhatsApp omnichannel bot

We all fully aware of the existence of bots, usually on company website or app. Now bots are available to serve customers using the world’s most popular messaging app – WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp bot acts like any other bot, it replies immediately to customer inquiries, is able to send relevant documents and files, and it can route the conversation to the right agent at the right time without wasting the customer precious time and keep it on hold.

This unique new WhatsApp omnichannel bot comes with a string of other features:

* Secure verification process of the company existing customers.
* Receive real time updates about customer personal information and products associated with the brand.
* Receive and send documents during a conversation with the bot / live agent within the WhatsApp messaging app.
* Sign forms while chatting with the WhatsApp bot – No need for fax, email or any other channels that delay the process
* Using location services to get relevant brand information based on user current/ preferred location

More about CommBox:

Gone are the days when businesses had to employ many customer service staff or run call centers to deal with customer queries. CommBox has reinvented how sales, marketing, customer service and IT teams connect and communicate with customers. It is one platform for omnichannel-channel customer experience. It assists medium and large businesses to boost productivity and provide customers with advanced seamless experiences.

Customizable and integrates

CommBox is fully customizable by adding JavaScript functions, customizing CSS, redesigning menus, adding options, running own JS code and using other advanced features. It can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems. Users can therefore automate what can be automated in each and every channel and then let their live agents handle the rest.

Multiple digital channels

CommBox enables users to use many digital channels such as Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, web call, video chat, voice, SMS, MMS, bots, Twitter and application stores. All customer communication from all these channels are received in one smart inbox where they are prioritized, replied to automatically or rerouted. CommBox bot resolves what it can resolve and re-routes what it cannot to a live agent based on priority, and the query is handled there. Customers can therefore connect and interact with teams at their convenience any time from any place and response is kept fast, consistent and relevant on all channels. Communication with customers is efficient and effective irrespective of which digital channels are used.

Users of CommBox automates business processes using chatbots, instantly takes specific actions based on customer requests and sets rules that are triggered by certain keywords and behaviours. Chatbots can be used to engage customers in real time on the company: website, app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

CommBox platform enables customers to fill in and sign web forms while engaging with agents and staff and the latter are instantly notified so they can guide the customers.

With so many digital channels to engage with teams, customers do not have to wait for responses and customer satisfaction increases.

Internal collaboration

On CommBox, agents, staff and experts collaborate with each other in real time as they handle inquiries, complaints and requests using an internal messenger so that they give customers the right solutions and answers. They implement a workflow in which staff and agents can ask for assistance from internal / external experts in real time. The platform is also capable of automatically building a knowledge base of responses and answers to frequently asked questions and requests raised by customers.

Real time dashboard

CommBox also provides users with a real-time dashboard that reports agent performance and monitors customer satisfaction.

CommBox Features

  • Advanced customer management system customization
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Flexible deployment (cloud, isolated cloud or on-premise)
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Fully scalable for high volume operations
  • Smart inbox
  • Agent routing
  • Real-time collaboration
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Live dashboard with real-time reports and customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Automation rules
  • High-end data security

Solutions that CommBox brings

1. Accelerate social media responses. CommBox’s unified, automated and omni-channel communication features, the smart inbox that consolidates all customers’ inquiries, and its routing engine make it easier to stay abreast with customers’ communication especially responding quicker to all social media customer communications.

2. Diverting telephone calls. CommBox, enables businesses to divert more phone calls into digital communications. More calls can be diverted into SMS, WhatsApp or any other digital channel that is preferred by the customer.

3. Automates repetitive tasks. CommBox automates repetitive processes and tasks. Agents are left free to respond fast to customer queries that are re-routed by the system when it cannot automatically handle them.

The result is better customer satisfaction which leads to increased customer retention which leads to more repeat sales and improved profits.

Who manufactures CommBox?

CommBox is an information technology company based in Israel and founded in 2013. CommBox is currently controlling the majority of the Israeli market. Its customers include Bank Leumi, Bank Discount, Clal, Kimberly Clark, Bezeq, Pelephone, Hot, AIG, and more which are Israel’s largest banks, insurance companies, and telecommunication companies.

CommBox is now entering the international markets and has already acquired big names such as Travel Card Australia, Be Wiser, and Clarks Shoes.

The company believes that productivity is best achieved in an environment that encourages collaboration. That is why they use their product as an integral part of their culture which is strong on collaboration, flexible work spaces and high-quality standards that nurture innovation and creativity.

Business partners

CommBox partners with other businesses. Businesses that are interested in becoming CommBox partners can inquire through the office.


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