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CommBox Launched A New & Improved Software Version Update
  • CommBox Launched A New & Improved Software Version Update

    CommBox Launched A New & Improved Software Version Update

    CommBox Launched A New & Improved Software Version Update

    Glil-Yam, Herzliya, Israel May 29th, 2020.

    CommBox the popular all in one customer support & messaging platform recently launched a new and improved software version update that combine a beautifully designed user interface and advanced automation features to make users usage more convenient and efficient while using the platform.

    CommBox is a powerful and intuitive omnichannel platform for support and sales teams at all sizes. It helps companies communicate and engage with their customers best way possible through multiple digital channels using singular unified view. The platform is packed with advanced automation features powered by AI for a complete and updated customer experience.

    CommBox CEO Eli Israelov explained that the new software version major change is the UI.

    “The new look will give our users a better idea on how to maximize the system use. It gives an overview of all the new features and modules in the best way possible. The new version brings the features our users have been requesting along with a completely updated User Interface. We have also added advanced automation features, new channels and modules, enhanced security level, new reports and dashboard customization tools that will take our users workplace and productivity to a whole new level.

    We have been putting our best efforts to take care of several components within our infrastructure to make the workspace more intuitive and friendly to use.”

    The new UI makes it easier for users to filter, browse and search for the apps, modules and features they would like to use. CommBox also updated all the icons to improve readability and make it easier to find what its users are looking for at a glance.

    Since digital usage is more common than the phone nowadays, CommBox have escalated the system knowledge in terms of assigning more requests to the right agent at the right time. The intelligent routing engine placed in the heart of CommBox is now using some powerful algorithms that enable it users to build and define business roles that are based on the routing of customer requests to the right agent by the chatbot. In case the interaction is too complex, the bot will hand it over to the right agent at the right time.

    CommBox is an effective platform to properly handle and address all customer communications through multiple digital channels at every organization regardless its activity or size.

    To learn more about CommBox please visit: https://www.commbox.io/

    Media contact information:

    Name: Ran Yosef

    Company: CommBox

    Address: Beit Pauza / BumpYard 1st 2nd floor, Glil-Yam, Herzliya, Israel

    Phone: +972- 073-3735183

    Source: www.yahoo.com

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