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CommBox Meets the Growing Demand in Business Automation for Customer Services

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Business Automation for Customer Services. Automation of routine and manual processes is one of the biggest evolving trends of the present times. With the power of chatbots, robotic process automation and digital tools, organizations are looking forward to huge reductions in costs and efforts. Helping them achieve these objectives is the omni-channel customer experience platform, CommBox.

Automation in scale is the latest aid to businesses that technology has to offer. The importance of quick, efficient and effective customer service is equally undeniable. Taken together, these two factors have led to a growing demand for digital communication that is automated, and scalable.

CommBox offers its clients in diverse industries a complete, holistic and customizable customer service platform with all communication channels. With flexible configuration, security and compliant for all verticals, the solution includes readymade AI, advanced machine learning algorithms, and easy integration with existing CRM, contact center and call center applications.

At the level of agents servicing the customers, CommBox empowers them with a single, smart inbox. This is where the complete, omni-channel experience is delivered for the whole customer journey with the unique approach of using bots as part of the human team as a differentiating factor. The bots serve all channels, and handover control to human agents when needed.

The digital tools and services work holistically, in an automated, collaborative environment. The platform, which is omni channel by design utilizes bots, email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and messengers, as well as the incredibly powerful videos, voice and social media tools.

“At CommBox, we understand the need of our customers and help them in making a smooth transition from the classic call center model towards digital communications and automated interactions in a seamless manner,” says Eli Israelov, Co-founder & CEO, CommBox.

CommBox solutions allow tangible, measurable benefits when deployed. For instance, tedious and time-consuming phone calls can be diverted to messaging and automated processes, and website chatbots can address a large chunk of customer interactions. All of this can help reduce ticketing backlogs and free up critical agent time, who can serve new and existing customers and focus more on building brand loyalty and customer relationships.

Founded in 2013, CommBox offers a next-generation, customer service and messaging platform to boost customer experience and assist digital support and sales teams to achieve their objectives through automation. Some of the company’s current clients include AIG, Kimberly Clark, IKEA, ASUS, and Virgin Trains.


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CommBox Era AI Generative AI for Customer Service Automation

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