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CommBox, The Leading AI Customer Communication Platform Land A 4.4M$ Deal Size To Empower The Most Efficient Healthcare Service – Clalit, Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

CommBox, The Leading AI Customer Communication Platform Land A 4.4M$ Deal Size To Empower The Most Efficient Healthcare Service - Clalit, Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Leading AI Customer Communication Platform

CommBox to help Clalit healthcare services to transform their customer communication and to allow advanced digital services backed by AI-Powered chatbots and automated processes.

This mission critical collaboration is a true game changer with the aim to effectively handle all COVID-19 related actions by providing an advanced level of automated service to the civilians of the state of Israel.

Clalit Health Services is the largest health organization in Israel. The organization provides its services to over 50% of the residents of the State of Israel!

Thanks to the exciting collaboration, Clalit health services can now commit to a continuous digital transformation at scale and lead a further increase in the level of service provided through all digital channels.

CommBox will now deploy automated services powered by bots to work in a complete harmony and synergy with human agents, thus also providing a quick response to questions and repetitive requests, which saves considerable costs of call centers.

Clalit Health Services realized that in order to meet the ever-changing customer expectations in the digital age, they must provide a fast, relevant, and up-to-date digital service via WhatsApp for businesses and actually to go through some kind of inevitable digital transformation process that will place them at the top.

In an age where customers expect to receive a relevant and quick answer through digital channels, led by WhatsApp, Clalit is going to revolutionize the way of service in the healthcare space by promoting automated but yet natural services to its clientele.

Integrating advanced automation processes using bots based on artificial intelligence in WhatsApp’s messaging channel is gaining momentum as well, with the help of which organizations are automating more processes and reducing “unnecessary” load from the human agents.

The total deal size is $4.4 USD for a period of 5 years and will include 4,000 seats.

Choosing CommBox Was The Natural Choice

Clalit now joins hundreds of the largest companies and organizations in Israel in choosing CommBox as their “go-to” platform for WhatsApp business services and automation.

CommBox is currently a core omnichannel communication infrastructure in a variety of organizations such as telecom companies, insurance, municipalities, banks, retailers, health services and more.

Especially during turbulent times, when companies are required to work in smaller teams and a lot of communication has been shifted to digital (and has risen more than 1,000%), CommBox manages a large part of the digital communication infrastructure in Israel.

Eli Israelov CEO at CommBox confirmed that: “ We are excited about this opportunity to help and change the ecosystem of healthcare services in Israel, especially when partnering with such names as Clalit.

This is undoubtedly considered one of the largest and most complex projects in the world in the field of WhatsApp for businesses. This will undoubtedly save significantly on operational costs, but above all it indicates the tremendous importance customer service and customer experience now have also in the healthcare space. We are proud to be their partners and look forward to serving them with much pride in this mission to fight COVID-19”.

Clalit’s project joins a group of health services in Israel that already use the multi-channel platform of CommBox, including: Mada, the Ministry of Health, Maccabi, Meuhedet, and Leumit HMO.


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