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Commbox Video Chat & Web Call: Enhance Your Customer Experience

Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Enhance Your Customer Experience. Video Call Chat. © Rawpixelimages -- Dreamstime-

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Efficient Customer service is becoming more challenging to provide due to innovation and changes in customer expectations. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more impatient, expecting any service to be on digital channels and available upon demand. 71% of consumers even prefer to communicate through multiple digital channels they usually use, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Chat, E-mail, and more.  Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Enhance Your Customer Experience Video chat and voice calls are popular digital communication channels consumers use to connect with brands and businesses. The use of video chat in customer service has dramatically increased by 70% in 2020, according to the latest research.  The research polled over six thousand consumers across the UK, France, and Germany, found that only 21% of European consumers used video-calling in a customer service setting before the pandemic. However, since Covid-19, that number tripled to 62%.  The demand for video chat is even higher. Research indicates that 76% of consumers would likely use video chat to contact businesses. On the business side, 84.2% of companies plan to have video available as a customer communication channel.

Why Use Video Chat For Customer Service

1. Increase Agent Productivity, Solve Issues Faster, Reduce Costs 

Businesses using video chat support improve an agent’s ability to make decisions based on visual information. If an agent can see what the customer is seeing, the agent can offer solutions and solve problems faster, moving on to the next happy customer. Solving customer requests faster would reduce the load on call centers, save costs and optimize business operation. 

2. Enhance Customer Experience Through Face to Face Interaction 

Interacting face to face with a service agent, even on camera, creates a more intimate atmosphere, allowing the customer to present their issue easily. For businesses, video chat helps agents resolve issues without meeting in person, maintaining a personal connection.  Businesses using video chat support can respond and solve issues in a reasonable amount of time and increase customer satisfaction accordingly. However, businesses not using video chat support risk losing customers – 1 out of 3 customers (34%) who hang up a call would never call back again.
Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Enhance Your Customer Experience. Video Call Chat. © Rawpixelimages -- Dreamstime-
Video Call Chat. © Rawpixelimages |
Video chat support is essential for various industries, especially financial organizations, telecom and healthcare, that use video chat to solve more complex requests. According to Webhelp, Customers are more likely to want to use video when dealing with insurance claims, accessing hardware and technical support, and entering into high-value sales and mortgage conversations. 

3. Boost Customer Satisfaction Through Omnichannel Communication 

Omnichannel communication is crucial for any service provider, considering the fact that 71% of customers prefer to communicate via multiple channels. Video chat and voice calls are popular communication channels consumers use, so businesses must harness them to enhance their customer experience. Doing so can help businesses reach more customers, provide them with a personalized experience, and constantly increase customer satisfaction.

Commbox Video Chat and Web Call Modules – Automate Your Online Meetings

Meet Commbox – an omnichannel customer communication platform, delivering a unique customer experience across all digital channels. Commbox offers unique Video Chat & Web Call features that equip businesses with advanced communication capabilities.  

Commbox Video Chat Feature

    • Video chat on browser and mobile: Commbox video chat app allows your customers and representatives to see and hear each other directly from the browser or mobile app. It delivers video and audio to just about any device without installing plugins, and offers synchronous and asynchronous conferencing. You can also record and take snapshots during the video chat.
    • Auto assignments – You can enable auto-assign conversations to agents by several parameters like workload, skill, permissions, etc. Additionally, you can allow agents to associate responses and assign the conversation to the last agent.
    • Auto messages – You can now send automatic auto-messages after a user’s first message, to provide an instant response via voice chat. Customize the message according to your business specific use case.
    • Customer Satisfaction Survey –  This feature lets you manage the possible answers customers can choose from when responding to the survey. You can also send a “Thank You” response message. 
Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Enhance Your Customer Experience. Screenshot
Commbox Video Chat. Screenshot

Commbox Web Call Feature

    • Communicate with customers over voice on desktop and mobile. 
    • Call regular phone numbers. 
    • Manage conversations using AI-powered call center application.
    • Track customer service history through a cloud-based platform. 
    • Reduce loads on traditional call centers.
Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Enhance Your Customer Experience. Video © Pongpipat Yatra
Commbox Video Chat used for remote healthcare. © Pongpipat Yatra |

How Businesses Use Commbox Video Chat & Web Call Features to  Overcome Customer Communication Challenges

Various industries face similar customer communication challenges – a significant one is providing face-to-face service. However, many companies are unable to provide it due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Leading companies in the healthcare, telecom and financial industries, discovered Commbox Video Chat & Web Call features as the ultimate solution. Pelephone, a leading telecom company in Israel, adopted the Commbox video chat feature to meet customers face to face and provide them with personal care.  Macabi, one of the two largest healthcare providers in Israel, implemented Commbox omnichannel customer communication platform. Maccabi delivers quick and effective medical services to millions of people using video chat and voice features powered by Commbox.  Another company using Commbox’s advanced features is Pelephone, one of Israel’s largest telecom companies. Pelephone uses Commbox’s Video Chat & Web Call features to solve requests of more than 2.4 million subscribers. 

In Conclusion

Customer demands are rising exponentially, making it more challenging for service providers to meet customer expectations.  Video chat adoption for customer service has dramatically increased by 70% in 2020. As mentioned above, 76% of consumers revealed they would likely use video chat to contact businesses. About 84% of companies plan to have video available as a customer communication channel. These trends require any business to implement an omnichannel customer communication platform offering video chat and voice features. Doing so would empower the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction over time. 

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