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Sales automation on WhatsApp: Altshuler Horizon boosts acquisition by 760%

The leading financial service provider has utilized CommBox to streamline lead qualification and customer acquisition across messaging channels. With a comprehensive suite of solutions, including AI chatbots, Proactive Campaigns, and Digital Signature, the company skyrocketed acquisition, while reducing operational costs. 

Sales automation on WhatsApp: Altshuler Investments


Increase in new customers


Increase in captured leads


Boost in WhatsApp engagement 


Reduction in operational costs 


Increase in new customers


Increase in captured leads


Boost in WhatsApp engagement 


Reduction in operational costs 

About Altshuler Shaham Horizon

Horizon by Altshuler Shaham is a leading financial service provider specializing in facilitating the buying and selling of a diverse range of digital currencies for both consumers and businesses. Founded in 2018, Altshuler’s mission is to demystify the world of cryptocurrency and make it accessible to all. Altshuler operates under the strict supervision and licensing of the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Authority.


  • Finance

Channels & integrations

Email, Chat, WhatsApp, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 


  • Sales
  • Customer service


Medium (500–1000)

Use Cases

  • Automated lead qualification 
  • Deposits automation 
  • Campaigns on messaging 
  • Automated notifications
  • Conversation summary automation 
  • Automation of repetitive inquiries
  • Live agent on messaging 
  • Digital signature 
  • IVR routing and customer authentication
  • 24/7 support 

The goal

Streamlining lead acquisition and customer communications management

Dedicated to delivering unparalleled services, Altshuler grappled with effectively qualifying incoming leads and fostering meaningful interactions with both existing and potential customers. 

Altshuler Horizon faced three main challenges: 

Lead management: the primary challenge was the lack of timely engagement with high-potential leads. Some visitors who registered online weren’t immediately addressed by Altshuler, a delay causing hot leads to lose interest. This lag was even more pronounced for those who submitted their information over the weekend, often waiting for a response for several days. 

Customer engagement: customers have often abandoned calls after facing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, resulting in missed sales opportunities. Also, response times increased, as agents faced inquiries on social media channels. Altshuler needed an efficient way to engage with customers, provide information, and identify sales opportunities, while keeping the experience flowing. 

Agent productivity: agents were overwhelmed by monotonous inquiries and the manual task of summarizing lengthy conversations. Also, sales agents were struggling to reach hot leads in time, missing potential opportunities. This situation not only led to exhaustion but also compromised their overall productivity. 

“We were looking to streamline our acquisition process with a business partner that possesses not only the technology but also proven methodologies to achieve growth. CommBox tailored a set of solutions that integrate with our CRM, empowering us to pave the way for success”. 

Tal Raz, VP of Business Development,
Altushuler Shaham Horizon 

The solution

Sales Automation, WhatsApp engagement, and CRM integration

Recognizing the challenges Altshuler faced, CommBox introduced a set of tailored solutions, aligned with Altshuler’s strict security and compliance requirements.

CommBox presented a number of solutions to Altshuler’s challenges: 

Promotional campaigns on messaging: CommBox’s bulk campaigns were adeptly utilized to send personalized offers to both existing customers and potential leads. Additionally, in case customers opened an account but didn’t deposit any amount, Altshuler launched a reminder message to close the loop. This strategy unlocked new business opportunities.

Lead qualification automation: CommBox’s AI chatbot automated lead qualification across messaging channels, such as WhatsApp. The AI bot was also used to provide information regarding financial investments such as cryptocurrency, and delivered customers with over most of the relevant information, before transferring them to a live agent. This not only streamlined the process but also enriched the customer experience with a personalized touch.

24/7 Customer support – CommBox’s AI chatbot was also utilized by Altshuler to provide customers with round-the-clock support, in case they need any information regarding their accounts or investments.  

Altshuler Horizon Sales Automation Lead Qualification Bot

 Digital Signature – This solution revolutionized Altshuler’s documentation process, allowing customers to sign documents and user agreements directly within the messaging interface, adding a layer of convenience to the interaction.

Generative AI conversation summary – With the assistance of CommBox’s AI Agent Assist, Altshuler could effortlessly summarize thousands of conversations, saving over 100 hours of manual work per month, and reducing the need for additional agents. 

CRM integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 –  CommBox’s seamless integration to Altshuler’s CRM empowered the company to authenticate customers and distinguish between new and returning customers. This distinction enabled tailored interactions: existing customers received in-depth case analyses to enhance satisfaction and boost transaction values, while newcomers were provided with detailed insights to facilitate informed, data-centric purchases. Additionally, this integration ensured that all conversation data was synchronized and saved within their CRM.

Real-time dashboards and BI reports – Althuler was able to monitor performance in real-time, from marketing campaign performance, incoming leads and conversion rates, to bot agent productivity. Also, Althuler used CommBox’s built-in BI dashboard, presenting deep insights of the customer journey. This powerful data tool fostered data-driven decision-making and empowered Altshuler to achieve growth.

“With CommBox’s sales automation solutions, we achieved a 540% increase in leads and 760% growth in new customers, while reducing operational costs by 20%, all in 12 months”.  

Tal Raz, VP of Business Development,
Altushuler Shaham Horizon 

The result

A new era of sales automation, powered by AI

CommBox’s lead qualification automation resulted in a new era for salespeople, where potential leads were promptly categorized and engaged on their channel of choice. Customers were now empowered with the option to converse on messaging channels, receive information regarding financial investments, and speak to a human representative whenever necessary.

The power of automated messaging ensured that no lead was left unattended, even if they only provided their contact details. CommBox’s seamless integration to Dynamics CRM further enhanced the customer and agent experience, consolidating all customers, agents, bots, and data in one place. 

Remarkable achievements: 

  • 760% growth in new customers 
  • 540% increase in incoming leads 
  • 4.5X boost in customer engagement via WhatsApp 
  • 82% growth in overall customer base 
  • 20% reduction in operational costs 
  • 1 in 6 leads qualified via WhatsApp 
  • 100+ working hours saved per month by AI conversation summary 



Altshuler’s strategic partnership with CommBox transformed their sales operations and bottom line. By proactively addressing existing challenges and integrating tailored solutions, Altshuler was able to improve every business aspect: customer engagement, agent productivity, and acquisition, A trusted partnership with CommBox, a huge win for Altshuler and their customers.  

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