The AI-Bot Squad Unleashed: Clal Insurance Automates 57% of WhatsApp Interactions

With CommBox’s omnichannel platform, Clal insurance transformed customer experience (CX) and efficiency. With over 2000 agents, the platform streamlined processes across multiple channels, resulting in significant improvements.





Calls shifted to
digital channels


Customer inquiries
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CSAT score

About Clal Insurance & Finance

Clal Insurance & Finance Holdings is a leading insurance group that provides various insurance coverages such as home, life, automobile, health, business, and more. Clal manages over 80 million USD in assets. It employs 4,600 employees and 2,000 insurance agents worldwide. 

Channels & Integrations
SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Email
Customer service, Customer support
Business Size
Large size (1000 – 5000+)
Use Cases
  • IVR routing and customer authentication
  • Live & automated support 
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Lead qualification
  • Change & renew a policy
  • File a claim
  • Get a quote

The goal 

Insuring a seamless CX and growth in times of financial risk 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Clal faced an increased load on its customer service centers due to customer concerns about their accounts. At the same time, more customers tried to contact Clal on multiple digital channels.

Clal faced several challenges in managing its vast insurance services:

  • Managing increasing overloads on contact center agents 
  • Centralizing communications from all engagement channels 
  • Expanding insurance services to multiple messaging channels, available 24/7
  • Measuring agent performance and patient satisfaction in real-time

The Solution

Tailored Insurance for all, driven by humans and self-service chatbots

CommBox offered Clal a unique solution, unifying multiple assets under one roof: B2B center, insurance field agents, B2C center, claims, health, traveling, pension and other departments – all connected to one AI-driven omnichannel platform.  

CommBox’s solution included:

  • A unified inbox to manage all communications across channels: WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, email and more. 
  • Routing engine to transfer calls to the most skilled and available agent.
  • Self-service chatbots– providing 24/7 assistance on messaging channels. 
  • Integration – Clal Insurance successfully integrated CommBox into its operational systems, streamlining customer interactions and eliminating the need for separate email applications like Outlook.  The integration also provided high levels of personalization for customers, employees, and partners. 

– Customers – CommBox enabled the secure delivery of personalized financial information through a strict authentication process. 

– Agents – personalized notifications were sent whenever a conversation was assigned or updated. 

– Partners – CommBox enabled partners to generate leads from end to end under-regulated government APIs.

This integration empowered Clal Insurance to deliver a unique and tailored experience at every level of interaction.

The chatbot squad

One of the most strategic decision made by Clal, is to offer automated insurance services 24/7. Clal utilized CommBox’s technology to deploy a team of automated agents – the Chatbot Squad. 

These smart chatbots can handle various types of requests including changing a policy, document retrieving, travel insurance assistance, quotes, status, lead qualification, customer satisfaction collection and more.

Clal’s chatbots were designed to have a more personal touch by assigning each bot with a unique avatar based on real human agents. These avatars help create a more relatable and engaging interaction for customers, while also providing a sense of familiarity and trust with the brand.

With CommBox, we’ve automated 57% of insurance requests on WhatsApp, enhancing satisfaction and operational efficiency. This strategy has alleviated contact center overload and call volume, with 60% of all interactions now efficiently handled digitally in one interface

Nir Lautman, VP of CX ar Clal Insurance

The Result

From overloaded contact centers to efficiency and satisfaction 

With CommBox, Clal shifted its primary way of communication from phone to messaging, providing personalized assistance to customers around the clock with AI, chatbots, and human agents. 

Remarkable achievements: 

Shifting to CommBox resulted in several achievements for Clal Insurance:

  • 2000 agents and multiple departments are connected to one, data-driven platform.
  • 60% of customer communication is managed through conversational engagement, mainly via WhatsApp. 
  • 57% of insurance queries are resolved through digital self-service
  • 80% CSAT score, from constantly delivering exceptional experiences. 

Clal Insurance’s chatbot squad wins national awards

Another achievement for Clal is substantial media coverage and recognition. Following the successful launch of a commercial featuring its chatbot squad, Clal has earned several prestigious awards, solidifying its reputation as a prominent and innovative player in the insurance industry.

Setting the gold standard in insurance & CX

In 2023, the insurance industry, as indicated by Gartner, will prioritize enhancing customer experience and operational excellence over growth.
By adopting AI and digital communication, businesses can effectively achieve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and growth. These goals can be realized with the CommBox platform and our best practices.

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