Digital Healthcare Transformed: 24/7 service on digital channels from human & AI reps

Clalit, one of the largest health organizations worldwide, shifted its entire organization to digital communications, with services now being delivered by both human and AI reps, on multiple channels, and all through one omnichannel platform.


Contact Center Agents


Community Clinics


Public Hospitals



About Clalit Healthcare Services

Clalit is the largest and leading healthcare organization (HMO) in Israel, serving 52% of the Israeli population across 1,500 clinics and throughout 200 municipalities. Clalit offers a variety of medical services: primary care, specialized care, mental health, maternity and child health, Health promotion and disease prevention. Clalit employs over 45,000 workers including 10,000 physicians and 10,000 nurses.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 
Channels & Integrations
WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, IVR, CRM
Customer Service
Business Size
Large size (1000 – 5000+)
Use Cases
  • IVR routing and customer authentication
  • Live & automated support 
  • Appointment scheduling & cancellations 
  • Prescription requests/renewals 
  • Leave doctors a message in the clinic
  • Automated notifications
  • 24/7 self-service

The goal 

Give a healthy boost to patient engagement & efficiency

Clalit faced several challenges in managing its vast healthcare services:

  • Centralizing communications from all engagement channels and clinics
  • Expanding healthcare services to multiple messaging channels, available 24/7
  • Streamlining operations in call centers and clinics 
  • Measuring agent performance and patient satisfaction in real-time
Chatbot for Healthcare - Appointment Scheduling on WhatsApp

The Solution

A shot of AI and self-service brings home the cure

CommBox developed a unique self-service solution for Clalit and connected 1,500 clinics, 14 hospitals, and 4,000 contact center agents to one omnichannel platform. 

The platform offers a single interface for managing all communications through artificial intelligence, AI chatbots and human agents. The self-service feature on messaging channels allows Clalit’s members instant and round-the-clock support on any channel such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, whenever and wherever they need it.

“We have set a goal at Clalit – to provide fast, personalized services through a variety of digital channels, whenever it’s convenient for members”

The Result Liora Shechter, VP of the IT & Digital Division at Clalit Health Services

The Result

One WhatsApp Channel to Care for All 

CommBox’s solution shifted Clalit’s primary way of communication from phone to messaging, enabling Clalit to provide an exceptional patient experience on multiple digital channels, around the clock. Clalt continues to provide phone support to those in need such as the elderly, while focusing on digital communication at scale. 

Shifting to CommBox resulted in several achievements for Clalit:

  • Over 1,500 clinics connected to one, data-driven platform
  • 4,000 call center agents can shift from phone to digital service at a press of a button
  • 47% of requests are automated through self-service
  • 28% increase in customer satisfaction from using automation 

Clalit’s digital transformation executed by CommBox has set a global precedent in digital healthcare services, revolutionizing the healthcare industry. CommBox’s omnichannel platform and AI technology have not only expanded Clalit’s communications, but also improved the patient experience and streamlined communications management.

It’s a win-win for Clalit and its 5.2 million members, who can now enjoy digital healthcare services 24/7, at their fingertips, with the combination of AI and human support.

“CommBox gives Clalit complete control over communication with members, turning it into an organization with digital and automated service, but always supervised by human representatives”

Eli Israelov and Yaniv Hakim, Co-Founders of CommBox

The Future is Now

Global studies indicate that over 80% of consumers prefer to use digital channels to contact their healthcare organization and about 52% use conversational AI to receive an immediate response to their healthcare inquiries. In such a reality, a dynamic technological solution is required, and It’s time for healthcare organizations to take action. The future is now.

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