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Hispanos Services Improves Call Center Efficiency By X3 With CommBox Omnichannel Solution

With CommBox’s omnichannel platform, Hispanos Services successfully improved their agents’ productivity by streamlining customer requests on digital channels, resulting in a better customer experience.

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Increase in
customer satisfaction


Calls shifted to
digital channels


Increase in agent productivity

About Hispanos Services

Hispanos Services is a leading tax and insurance provider in the United States, specializing in the Hispanic population. They offer tax preparation, insurance services, translations, notarization, company registration, realtor services, payroll, and bookkeeping.




Channels & Integrations

WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Email



Business Size

Small size (1 – 500)

Use Cases

  • IVR routing and customer authentication
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Automation of repetitive inquiries
  • Proactive and personalized experiences
  • Bots on WhatsApp

The goal

Efficiently resolve customer requests

Hispanos Services aimed to provide a great experience by efficiently resolving customer requests

  • Provide a great customer experience by delivering exceptional service, resolving requests efficiently, and ensuring satisfaction
  • Offer personalized assistance to meet individual customer requirements
  • Continuously improve processes to enhance service quality and exceed customer expectations
  • Foster positive relationships with customers through attentive and responsive support
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction ratings and positive feedback

The Solution

Always on, 24/7 customer service

To maintain high customer satisfaction during rapid growth, Hispanos Services integrated CommBox as their omnichannel customer communication solution. This move was a logical choice, and CommBox proved to be the right fit for their needs.

The implementation of Commbox revolutionized Hispanos Services’ customer service and experience. Its smart integration capabilities seamlessly integrated into their operational systems.

CommBox now supports Hispanos Services across multiple endpoints and digital channels such as WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, email, and social media, enabling fast and effective customer service. This availability 24/7 through digital channels ensures customers can reach out at their convenience.

Additionally, Hispanos Services utilized CommbBx’s automation features to empower their sales and customer support teams with advanced capabilities. These automation features are now implemented at various levels, benefiting employees, customers, and partners.

“CommBox is great for multilingual customer service, increased our customer satisfaction by 20%”

President, Hispanos Services

The Result

Delivering peace of mind with exceptional customer experience

CommBox seamlessly integrated with all of Hispanos Services’ operational systems, including sales and customer support teams, leading to significant achievements for the company:

  • Achieved 300% growth in call center efficiency, as 25% of agents using Commbox produce as much as 75% of phone support agents.
  • Enabled agents using CommBox to manage 60% of customer communication
  • Improved social media customer communication management and marketing
  • Upgraded to smart communication on multiple channels: WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, email, and more
  • Implemented the Digital Signature feature, enhancing the remote signing experience
  • Enhanced overall customer experience and employee satisfaction

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