Pelephone Telecom Boosts Agent Productivity by 2X with Lightning-Fast Service via WhatsApp

The mobile network operator collaborated with the customer support platform CommBox to establish WhatsApp as a communication channel, streamlining customer query resolution and achieving a remarkable 30% boost in agent productivity.



inquiries resolved
by a bot


Conversations managed digitally


Calls redirected to WhatsApp


Increase in agent productivity

About Pelephone

Founded in 1986 in Israel, mobile network operator Pelephone was the first to offer telecommunications service in the country. It is now so well-known across Israel that it is nearly synonymous with mobile phone service. The company employs 2,000 people and has 2.3 million subscribers.

Channels & Integrations
SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Facebook posts, Email, Interactive navigator, Chat, CRM
Business Size
Large size (1000 – 5000+)
Use Cases
  • Live & automated support 
  • Automated notifications
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Bots on WhatsApp
  • Bot to Human handover
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Technical support
  • Make a purchase

The Goal 

Digital transformation at scale

The Solution

Embracing new technologies

CommBox developed a unique self-service solution for telephone, connecting its contact center agents to one omnichannel platform. 

The platform offers a single interface for managing all communications through artificial intelligence, AI chatbots and human agents. The self-service feature on messaging channels allows Clalit’s members instant and round-the-clock support on any channel such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, whenever and wherever they need it.

“With CommBox’s omnichannel platform and WhatsApp Business API, we revolutionised the way we engage with people. By adopting digital channels, Pelephone became highly accessible to customers, who could reach us whenever they needed help. It was of the utmost importance for us to be present wherever our customers are, which drove us to adopt a digital strategy at scale. whenever it’s convenient for members”

Kineret Reuvenov, Division Director of Service, Pelephone

The Result

Achieving CX efficiency

By adopting a digital strategy that included WhatsApp and working with CommBox, Pelephone successfully engaged with customers and reduced costs. Between March 2019–2020, Pelephone saw the following results:

  • 37% of phone calls are redirected to WhatsApp messaging
  • 2X increase in agent productivity, thanks to WhatsApp
  • 90% of customer requests are resolved over self-service by a bot
  • 73% of customer communication is managed on digital channels

Maximize Efficiency: Shift from Calls to Messaging

Build the customer experience
you always wanted