Efficiency at its Best: Tadiran Implements CommBox to Automate 46% of Customer Inquiries

Powered by the CommBox omnichannel customer communication solution, Tadiran enables its customers to swiftly schedule air technician visits through a bot accessible on WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, and various other channels. Customers can conveniently select their preferred visit times or promptly resolve common issues with the bot’s assistance. With CommBox integrated into SAP C4C, Tadiran effectively manages customer interactions directly from their CRM.


Inquiries resolved by smart bot


Increase in customer interactions with a bot


Technician visits scheduled by a bot

About Tadiran

Tadiran Air is an esteemed air conditioning company. Known for its expertise in the field, Tadiran Air specializes in providing high-quality air conditioning solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs. With a strong reputation for innovation and reliability, Tadiran Air offers an extensive range of air conditioning products and services, including installation, maintenance, and repair.

Retail & eCommerce 
Channels & Integrations
SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Facebook posts, Instagram, Email, IVR, SAP C4C
Customer service
Business Size
Small size (1 – 500)
Use Cases
  • Live & automated support 
  • Automated notifications
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Digital forms
  • Integrated business systems
  • Bots on WhatsApp
  • Technician scheduling
  • Bot to Human handover

The goal 

Navigating digital customer surge

Tadiran’s continuous growth has resulted in a significant surge in customer volume, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. With more customers reaching out to Tadiran through various digital channels, the company’s contact centers faced extensive overloads.

To address this challenge, Tadiran implemented multiple digital platforms. However, this complex approach resulted in time-consuming and inefficient operations. Recognizing the need for a technological solution, Tadiran sought an effective means to manage the increasing influx of digital customer interactions.

The Solution

Enhancing customer experience with automated communications

Tadiran implemented the CommBox customer communication platform to streamline digital inquiries through a unified inbox, leveraging chatbots and automation rules. The seamless integration of CommBox with Tadiran’s operational system, SAP C4C, enabled support agents to engage with customers directly from their CRM.

In addition, Tadiran expanded its customer service channels by integrating with the WhatsApp Business API through CommBox. With this integration, CommBox created a versatile multichannel chatbot, ensuring a cohesive customer experience across various channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, and chat.

Tadiran’s smart chatbot empowers customers to:

  • Obtain swift, 24/7 services
  • Schedule air technician visits at their convenience
  • Receive updates regarding their service requests
  • Resolve common issues through conversing with the chatbot
  • Update their repair address information
  • Seamlessly transition conversations between the chatbot and a live agent

The Result

One platform to serve them all

Tadiran’s implementation of CommBox for digital customer communication led to numerous achievements, which include:

  • 46% of customer inquiries were solved by a bot end-to-end.
  • 700+ repair visits a month scheduled automatically with no human interaction.
  • 30% increase in digital customer interactions with a bot.
  • Automation of customer service and support.
  • Independent scheduling of service requests, including date changes and A/C installations.
  • Automated access to Technical Information and Product warranty.
  • Integration with SAP CRM, scheduling APIs, and customer APIs.
  • Improved waiting times for customers.
  • Greater work efficiency.
  • Higher satisfaction rates.
  • Reduced cost

Commbox seamlessly integrated with all of Tadiran’s operational systems, enabling effective communication management across the company’s various areas of operation. The platform’s advanced automation capabilities played a crucial role in achieving these accomplishments.

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