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CommBox Recognized as Leaders and High-Performers in the CX Market by G2
  • CommBox Recognized as Leaders and High-Performers in the CX Market by G2


    By Dayana Nevo, CMO

    Why CommBox is Highly Rated Across 14 CX Categories 

    We are honored to announce that CommBox has been recognized by G2 as a global leader in CX, thanks to our customers and the positive reviews we received. 

    See how CommBox stacks up against others in the G2 Crowd Top CX Vendors Report here.

    This is a very significant achievement for us, solidifying our vision and need in the market, and a major step forward to our continuous commitment to redefining the customer journey and experience. 

    CommBox is on a mission to revolutionize how brands connect with their customers by eliminating the old paradigm of live agent intervention for every customer engagement, replacing it with a new and improved automated CX – while keeping a human in the loop when needed.  

    CommBox’s autonomous communication platform hits the sweet spot between efficiency and CX and empowers 350+ customers from all verticals to benefit from reduced operational costs in call centers, increased customer satisfaction, and higher agent productivity. 

    What Customers Love About CommBox  

    There are many reasons why CommBox was recognized as a global leader in CX by G2 for 2022. 

    Some of the highlights of CommBox include: 

    • The first autonomous communication platform designed to natively automate engagements across any digital channel and to work in complete harmony with both human and AI-driven communications.
    • The CommBox 50-50™ approach, which enables brands to divert 50% of customer communications to digital channels and automate 50% of repetitive inquiries, all while keeping human agents in the loop whenever they’re needed.
    • An enterprise-ready and modular solution that can be used for inbound and outbound communications across many teams without requiring expensive set-up or a dedicated operations team. 
    • A robust intent-driven AI engine that’s powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm to route inquiries to the best available agent when needed based on business logic, automated workflows and repetitive tasks, and manage routine communications. 

    G2 Crowd Top CX Vendors - Quote 2

    This is only the beginning. We are on the verge of a digital tipping point and our customers are at the forefront of this revolution. Stay tuned for more innovation to come in 2023. 

    About G2

    G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping over 80 million people each year make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. G2 helps businesses discover the best software companies and products based on authentic reviews from real users.  

    About CommBox 

    CommBox is redefining the way brands interact with their customers, by eliminating the old paradigm of live agent intervention for every customer engagement. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands today are delivering natural, conversational, and intuitive experiences to over 50 million consumers every day, as they drive new levels of efficiencies and power business growth. 

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