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Google Business Messages – The Complete Guide 

Google has recently released a new customer communication channel called Google Business Messages. This unique channel allows consumers to converse with businesses and organizations directly from Google Maps or search results while enjoying a seamless experience. And there’s a lot more to it. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the very basics of Google Business Messages to provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started: 

What is Google Business Messages?

Google Business Messages (GBM) is a new way to communicate with your customers, as it blends the best of two powerful mediums: text messaging and live chat. It’s a mobile conversational channel that allows your business to quickly reach new customers searching for you on the Google search engine or Google Maps. 

With Google Business Messages, you can provide customer service or sell products while giving your business a competitive edge on Google.


How Google Business Messages Works? 

Once your brand is connected to Google Business Messages, Customers can chat with your business with one click. It works similarly on the Google search engine or Maps. 

Google Search 

When customers search for your business on Google, they will see a chat button on your business profile. Once clicking the chat button, they will get your automated welcome messages and can start chatting with you. It’s easy as it sounds. 


Then, you can provide your customers with instant answers about your hours, directions to your location, or services offered. When you respond to a customer’s inquiry about an order or purchase made on Google (such as for Google Play Store orders or YouTube Premium memberships), that customer’s order and purchase details are shared with you through the chat interface.

Google Maps

When consumers explore nearby businesses on Google Maps, they see your business profile and the chat button. Once clicking the chat button, they will get your automated welcome messages and can start a conversation with you.


Find out how to communicate with your customers on Google Business with CommBox

How to Set Up Google Business Messages 

There are two ways to get started with Google Business messages. The first way is to set up the channel with Google My Business. 

Google My Business

Step 1: Set Up a Google My Business Account 

Go to Google My Business and open a free account for your brand. You can also use this account to manage your presence on other Google platforms like Search and Maps.


Step 2: Add Your Opening Hours 

Let your customers know when to reach you. Mark the days and hours your available to them to ensure they reach you at the right time. 


Step 3: Add Contact Information

Provide your customers with your business details and website. Allow them to discover your products and service and reach you when they need to. 


Step 4: Add Business Description 

Tell your customers what you’re offering. Describing your business is important for customers that look for specific products or services. 


Step 5: Verify Your Location

If your business has a physical location that customers visit in person, simply click the “Get started” button on the homepage and plug in the requested information about your company. The verification process ensures that only businesses with legitimate physical locations can create listings on Google My Business.


If you don’t have a physical storefront where customers come to see you in person (like most SaaS companies), then you’ll have to choose “I deliver goods and services” at the top of the page before clicking “Get started.”

Step 6: Enable Messaging 

Go to “Settings” and turn your chat on your Google My Business account. Make sure that instant replies are enabled and set up basic automated messaging. 


Additionally, we recommend inviting other employees who might want access so they can also monitor conversations; this way, there’s always someone available when potential prospects send questions through their phones or laptops in real-time! 

This is especially true if those employees’ roles involve customer service/relationships because they’re more likely than anyone else within an organization.

Google My Business is great if you’re a small business and have a low volume of conversations on a few channels. 

But what about medium-sized businesses and enterprises? These businesses usually need broader communication capabilities to engage with their customers. This is why Google offers an API – a type of software interface that provides a service to other pieces of software. 

Connect to Google Business Messages with CommBox

The second way to get started with Google Business Messages is through an external provider that connects to Google’s API, Like CommBox, a customer communication platform for enterprises and small-medium-sized businesses. 

CommBox easily connects to Google’s Business Messages API, allowing you to get messages sent via Google into a unified inbox and efficiently manage all inquiries across channels: Including Google, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and email, SMS, video, voice, and more.

The main advantage of a customer communication solution like CommBox is having Google Business and all other channels in one interface. You can chat with customers through multiple channels and provide excellent service. It’s way faster than constantly switching platforms and helps you save time and money on recurring tasks. 

Using Google Business Messages for Customer Service

Google Business Messages is a useful tool in customer service, as it allows you to have meaningful conversations with your customers. Still, responding to customers requires a certain level of know-how and tactful communication skills. 

To get the most out of Google Business Messages for customer service, follow these best practices:

One way to provide effective customer service is to train your employees to follow these best practices shown above. However, It takes a lot of time and effort, plus your agents don’t react the same.

That’s why you need a chatbot – a messaging tool that delivers a unified message for all customers. If you have a chatbot, consumers can message you anytime and get an instant response, ask for information about your business, leave reviews, and more. 

Let’s move forward and explain how to get started with your first chatbot for Google Business Messages. 

How to Implement a Chatbot into Google Business Messages 

Google Business Messages has a built-in instant response system that allows you to respond to customers around the clock automatically. To get started with Google’s chatbot, you’ll need an active account on Google My Business and access to your business’s website or app to implement a chatbot into Google Business Messages.

Although Google’s chatbot is a great tool,  it’s only usable on your Google Channel. That may suffice for small businesses but not for larger organizations serving hundreds of thousands of customers on multiple channels.

To keep up with all your customers, you need a multichannel chatbot that provides the same functionality and keeps a unified voice across all channels. Getting a multichannel bot requires connecting to an omnichannel solution that allows you to build chatbots and connects to Google’s API, like CommBox. 

Get your multichannel chatbot for Google Business Messages

CommBox offers a unique chatbot for all your communication channels: Google, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. A chatbot built on CommBox serves your customers in a unified tone and voice while keeping a friendly human-like conversation. 

Besides being multichannel, CommBox’s AI-powered chatbots have additional advantages. 

CommBox’s Chatbots: 

What can you do with CommBox’s chatbots? 

How to Choose Your Google Business Messages Solution 

Small businesses usually need basic communication skills, while medium-sized companies and enterprises usually require broader ones. So, if you’re a small business, with a low volume of conversations on a few channels, Google My Business would likely suffice. 

Here below are listed the features you get on Google My Business:

However, If you’re a larger organization that deals with a massive volume of messages from multiple channels and platforms, CommBox is probably the perfect solution for you. An external provider like CommBox can equip you with the tremendous communication skills you need and help you meet your business needs.

More features you get with CommBox:

Using CommBox gives you a competitive advantage – it allows your organization to manage multiple conversations simultaneously on various channels from one interface.  Since you’re equipped with previous conversation data from your CRM, you can better understand what your customers might want and respond accordingly. Your customers can enjoy a seamless experience on Google, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any channel they choose to reach you. 

Get started with Google Business Messages via CommBox 

Now that you’ve fully understood the various capabilities of using Google business messages via CommBox, it’s time to scale up your customer communication. 

Get started today! 

Learn why customers choose CommBox for their customer communications.

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