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How the world’s biggest brands are using CommBox during the pandemic time to stay on top of their CX game

How the world’s biggest brands are using CommBox during the pandemic time to stay on top of their CX game

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CommBox. As companies and organizations worldwide adjusting to the new standards of working from home and are forced to embrace remote working, CommBox, the all in one customer support & messaging platform provides the perfect solution for sales and customer service teams at all sizes.

As businesses around the globe must maintain their presence and business continuity, the continuous search for the right technological tools is always on demand.

CommBox presents with the ultimate solution for businesses to shift their customer service and support teams entirely towards remote working from home to overcome the current circumstances and continue doing businesses as best as possible.

CommBox digital contact center software solution

CommBox, a leading omnichannel platform specially designed for enterprises and mainly serve verticals such as: municipals, banks, healthcare insurance, telecom companies, and international brands provides the ultimate solution using its cutting-edge cloud-based contact center solutions. Packed with advanced AI capabilities and latest automation features CommBox presents with a holistic solution for all types of businesses in all verticals to shift towards remote working.

One smart inbox for all customer communications

CommBox Smart Inbox is an innovative communications center that completely addresses this challenge, offering a straightforward and effective way to engage customers through all communication channels. Each inquiry is immediately assigned to the relevant agent according to pre-determined business rules – the level of channel synchronization, SLA, customer segmentation, skills, loads, etc. Each agent gets their own Smart Inbox. They can rapidly engage customers across all channels using the same unified conversational interface.

Real-time dashboard

CommBox’s real-time dashboard enables you to gain control and oversee the on-going of your agent efforts, by getting useful data and insights from all communication channels, such as conversation topics, SLA, and different criterions to evaluate agent performance. Ready-made reports for Chat Availability, Conversations per Channel, Customers Interactions, Knowledge Base Items, Agent Presence, Tags, User Activity, and more are mostly in use in critical times like this.

Besides the innovative smart inbox and the real time dashboard CommBox also offer advanced team collaboration tools, knowledge base and canned responses, agent routing, omnichannel messaging channels, AI-Powered omnichannel chatbot, Automation rules triggered by user behaviour and more.

This is how the world’s biggest companies such as: AIG, Clarks, IKEA, PassportCard, Kimberly Clark, and more are handling their customer communications and the huge spike in customer service tickets, getting more done with fewer agents, and maintain business continuity during such times.


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