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How We Use WhatsApp Business and CommBox to Boost Conversions by 40%

How We Use WhatsApp Business and CommBox to Boost Conversions by 40%

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WhatsApp Business and CommBox. Using WhatsApp Business & the CommBox AI Conversational Omnichannel Platform to improve our marketing & sales pipeline and increase conversion rate by 40%

As marketers, we’re always actively creating and running campaigns through various channels. We attract leads through our website or app, but that isn’t enough. The reality is, the majority of registered leads don’t pick up the phone or answering our personalized or automated email, and we see our marketing dollars go down the drain. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

At CommBox, we’ve came up with the perfect solution to this problem. By implementing the WhatsApp Business API based on the CommBox AI Conversational Omnichannel platform, customer engagement skyrockets. By utilizing these two apps together, your sales and SDR teams can improve conversion rates and engage with more customers than ever before while mainly improving your inbound marketing efforts.

The data is clear: Offering a greater variety of communication channels is essential in the digital age. Only offering traditional phone and email channels is no longer enough. Today, there’s a new breed of customers who want to text, use live chat, and have real personalized experiences with the brands they interact with.

As we experience here at CommBox as a B2B SaaS product, slow and steady wins the race in long sales cycles. Weeks or months can pass by before the customer decides to move forward with buying the product. It can take that long for the customer to really get to grips with the product and determine whether our service meets their needs. These long sales cycles are the reason why it’s crucial to keep communication alive. We’ve found no better way to do this than using WhatsApp Business and CommBox together.

So how do we do this here at CommBox?

Instead of just calling prospects over the phone or contacting them via email with a generic template, we decided to do something different. We chose to primarily contact prospects via the WhatsApp Business API solution and the CommBox smart inbox. This had the effect of improving the first-time response rate (client-side) and increasing our conversion rates.

Why? Because it allowed customers to respond faster. It also meant that the sales and SDR agents could get the first sense of whether prospects are already sales qualified leads or not. As it turns out, this method is much more effective than just waiting for the prospect to respond over the phone or email.

Here’s what a successful CommBox funnel with WhatsApp Business looks like in action:
  1. Set up a short meeting via meeting link 👉 (awareness)
  2. Schedule a live demo of the CommBox platform 👉 (Consideration)
  3. Schedule a final meeting to discuss pricing and onboard the prospect 👉 (Conversion)
Benefits of WhatsApp Business and CommBox

Benefits of WhatsApp Business and CommBox

Here is why you must use the WhatsApp Business API and the CommBox platform to improve your marketing and sales pipeline:

  • Two billion people in over 200 countries use WhatsApp, making it the world’s most used chat app. Your prospects will be using it too! 😊
  • Messaging a potential customer as an initial contact can increase conversion rates by 120%!
  • Posting your company WhatsApp phone number on your website will lead to a 32% increase in sales.
  • 82% of messages sent via WhatsApp are seen within 5 minutes. This leads to a high response rate because prospects are more likely to respond instantly.
  • The average person checks WhatsApp more than 25 times per day. This is much more than email (11) or phone calls (4).
  • The interaction happens via the agent smart inbox giving them complete control and the ability to oversee potential lack of interest.

Speedy Communication

It should come as no surprise that answering your customers promptly is crucial to closing a sale. The longer a customer has to wait, or the more friction (time-delays) involved in communication, the more the relationship breaks down. A lot can happen between a prospect providing you with their details and the point you decide to contact them. Maybe they got busy with something else, or are actively looking for alternatives, and have seen something they like.

You can’t control what your potential customers are thinking and feeling during this gap, but you can narrow the gap and remind them of your company. By using WhatsApp, you can interrupt their attention and bring their focus back to your brand and service. Because of WhatsApp’s culture (that messages should be answered quickly, and a response is expected), they are more likely to respond to your initial message. This gets the conversation going and allows you to nurture the lead in a very personalized way.

With CommBox’s smart inbox, it’s also much easier to stay organized and keep track of these interactions. You can ensure that you always respond promptly and that no customer messages go unnoticed.

We found that by using the smart inbox with WhatsApp, we were able to respond to customer messages much more efficiently and effectively, and our conversions rose by 40% as a result of this.

Strong Brand Image

In marketing and sales, few things are as important as your brand image. Your brand image always exists in the background of everything you do, silently swaying customer opinion. By adopting emerging technology like CommBox, you project the impression that your brand is forward-thinking. By utilizing modern communication apps like WhatsApp, you’re showing your potential customers that you are a customer-focused and customer-centric business. You understand that your customers have a variety of communication preferences, and you’ve stepped up to the plate to meet them. WhatsApp and CommBox integration have had a positive impact on our brand image here at CommBox.

Scheduling CommBox Demos via WhatsApp Template Messages

Scheduling CommBox Demos via WhatsApp Template Messages

Another great thing we were able to achieve is scheduling CommBox demos via template messages in WhatsApp. As is common in B2B sales, potential customers want to see a demo of the software before making any decisions. By scheduling the demo within the WhatsApp chat, we were able to be much more efficient in delivering this requirement to our customers. Handling everything through one chat (WhatsApp), we saved time and could deliver demos faster. Scheduling demos is just one option here, but the possibilities are endless. Whatever your main goal is in your sales and marketing pipeline, it can be facilitated through the chat.

Post-Sales Support

After the sales process is complete, customers can still use the WhatsApp channel to communicate with us for post-sales support. This has had a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction👉 (raised by 23%), response times👉 (raised by 34%) and SLA. Why? Because it means our customers can just send a message whenever they need help, and they will either get an immediate response from an agent or an automated response outside of working hours. It ensures that the customer problem is captured and will be responded to as soon as possible. This eliminates the need for the customer to call up and leave a message and then wait for a reply.

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