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Need to Scale Up? How Enterprises Are Using CommBox as the Heart of Their Customer Communications

Need to Scale Up? How Enterprises Are Using CommBox as the Heart of Their Customer Communications

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Customer Communications. Customers are the lifeblood of successful businesses and there’s no such thing as a successful business without effective communication. Communication is a critical component of business and not something that can be left up to chance. When it comes to communication with customers, the stakes can be high.

Bad communication can mean the customer leaves feeling angry and vows never to buy from your business again. It can also mean that they hop onto a review site or social media and leave a scathing review of your company. Unfortunately, bad reviews sway the opinion of potential customers more than good reviews. This may seem unfair, but it makes sense when you look at it through the lens of human psychology. Humans like good experiences, but they HATE bad experiences. The two options (bad or good) are not equally weighted in our minds. To put it a different way, we hate to have a bad experience more than we love to have a good experience. We will go to extreme lengths to avoid bad experiences, and this is why bad reviews stick out to us so much more than good reviews.

Good and effective communication experiences can do the opposite. Customers will feel relieved and reassured about their queries or issues. They leave feeling satisfied and maybe even happy. They might tell their friends and family about it, or even leave a positive review on social media. This is essentially free marketing if you consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

To promote good and effective communication, you need to be supported by the right tech! CommBox’s omnichannel platform is powered by AI and automation and designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of customer communication in the digital age. The out of the box solution allows companies to shift into digitization. You can handle all customer communications from all channels in one place. Agents don’t need to be trained on how to use several different systems; they just use one! Today we’re going to be looking at how enterprises are using CommBox to communicate with customers. We’re also going to be looking at how CommBox can scale for growing companies.

Who is CommBox for? What Size Business Should You Have?

Who is CommBox for? What Size Business Should You Have?

CommBox is ideal for both medium and large businesses that want the benefits of a digital omnichannel platform. These benefits are:

  • Being where your customers are – This means you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers and provide a great experience. This could mean offering the customer a product they would benefit from (generating leads or upselling). It could also mean solving customer problems before customers become frustrated.
  • Utilize customer data for insights – Data is everything right now! It’s what powers AI and automation and turns them into the powerful tools they are. When you use one platform for all communications, you capture all customer data in one place. This means there is no erroneous or duplicate data from several sources. With the data you gather, you can gain valuable insights into who your customers are and what makes them tick. You can know how to craft marketing campaigns to target these customers and other potential customers like them.
  • Enhancing the overall customer experience – The data you capture can also help power emerging technologies in other parts of your business. You can design your website to resonate with customers and appeal to your main audience.
  • Frictionless customer experience – Friction is what causes customers to turn away and choose a different option. When we hit roadblocks in our buying journey, we have to overcome them to continue and make the purchase. We all have a different definition of what a customer roadblock is or what is acceptable customer journey friction and what is not. Some customers will give up if they have to wait a couple of minutes to speak to a live chat agent. Some customers will leave a page if it takes more than a few seconds to load. With an omnichannel platform, you have a better insight into the thoughts and feelings of your customers and can design the customer journey to eliminate as much friction as possible.
  • Real-time engagement – It’s much easier to manage customer interactions when they all happen on the same platform. The platform is streamlined and optimized so that customer interactions are right there for you to address. There’s no switching to a different app to get to email communications. Omnichannel platforms support real-time engagement in a way that several siloed platforms do not. Real-time communication is extremely important to customers in 2020.
  • Improving customer service – 90% of customers expect consistency across communication channels when talking to a business. With an omnichannel platform, you can always provide a consistent experience by managing all interactions in one place.
  • Forward-thinking company – Investing in the latest technology signals to your customers that you are a forward-thinking company that is invested in your future.

Benefits for Medium and Large Businesses – How CommBox Works

  • It’s an open platform – You can perform full-scale customizations at the client level. Get as advanced as you want with your own JS code, menu, customized CSS, and other advanced features.
  • Out of the Box – Premade features such as widgets, Smart Inbox, dashboards, conversations, integration for various customer interaction apps.
  • Options for cloud, isolated cloud, or on-premise approach – Pick whatever makes the most sense for your company. You are in control of your data and CommBox experience.
  • Advanced APIs included (RESTful API, Real-time updates, Single sign-on).
  • Integrate existing applications easily with the omnichannel platform.
  • CRM integration – Integrate with Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Contact and call center integration – Integrate with your Cisco or Avaya contact center tools.
  • Add the customization tools that fit your business – Custom fields, customer verification, AD Smart Login, Client-side Customization, and more!
  • Fully scalable!
  • Enterprise-grade security!

CommBox for Medium-Sized Businesses

CommBox is highly scalable. This means it can grow as your company grows. A medium-sized business might not be medium-sized forever. It might even have a period of rapid growth and need to scale up quickly. This is where an out of the box solution like CommBox is superior to a bespoke system. With a bespoke platform, any changes require a dedicated design team to carry them out. There’s using a period of planning before the work can even be carried out.

This isn’t ideal when you need to scale up quickly. It guarantees that there will be a period where your business will not be operating at the level you want it to (while you are implementing the changes to meet the new capacity). This can cause reputation damage to your company. Existing customers may now be having a worse experience than they were previously. Equally, new customers coming in aren’t getting the great experience you know you can offer when you’ve finished scaling up your operation.

This is exactly why an out of the box scalable solution is the preferred approach. CommBox can handle rapid scaling to meet the needs of your company, and there’s no need to stop what you’re doing or divert resources to make the solution work for you. It just works.

CommBox for Large Businesses

CommBox for Large Businesses

Large businesses have even more communication challenges to contend with than medium-sized businesses. They have to remain consistent across all customer touchpoints, but there are now even more touch points than a medium-sized business! The brand usually has a well-established reputation and a strong social media presence. This means there’s more pressure to get it right. More eyes are watching if mistakes are made. To get a better idea of how CommBox helps support the communication needs of enterprises, here are a few case studies from the enterprises we work with.

Clarks – Clarks is a major British shoe manufacturer and a household name with over 450 stores in the UK. Every British school kid was sent to school in Clarks shoes, and the shoes remain popular with people of all ages. Clarks reduced its SLA from 5 days to 1 hour using the CommBox social media feature! Here are the quick stats:

  • Social media SLA response time improved by 99%
  • 25% of customer requests are now resolved by a chatbot.
  • There’s been a 36% increase in customer satisfaction.

AIG – AIG is a major American multinational insurance firm with operations in more than 80 countries. AIG experienced a huge increase in customer interactions through their communication channels and needed a new technological solution that could meet the increased demand. CommBox was ready to help! Here are the quick stats:

  • A huge 28% increase in employee satisfaction.
  • A 491% increase in customer digital interactions.
  • 17% of first-time customer requests are now solved by a chatbot!

Bezeq – Bezeq is a major telecom company in Israel. CommBox is a significant part of Bezeq’s digital transformation journey. Bezeq was committed to becoming efficient through the use of AI and automation to bring even more value to their clients and customers. CommBox’s solution has been successfully implemented and helps drive support and sales functions for both business and private clients.


Kimberly-Clark is a Fortune 500 company that operates worldwide. Kimberly-Clark is one of the largest retail companies in Israel and was facing a challenge when it came to us. Before CommBox, Kimberly-Clark was dependent on a traditional style call center to handle all customer requests. They wanted to move to a solution that worked more efficiently and reduce the call center load through intelligent solutions. Here are the quick stats:

  • 18% of phone calls are diverted to SMS monthly.
  • 25% of customer requests are now resolved by a chatbot.
  • 27% reduction in ticket backlog.

HOT – Hot Telecommunication Systems is a major firm in Israel that provides cable television, internet, mobile network services, and broadband. HOT wanted to improve the quality of the service they were offering and become known as a customer-focused company. There was a strong focus on social media within the company, but HOT was struggling to manage the various social media channels they have implemented. In solution, we embedded special tabs on HOT’s website and mobile app to allow customers to connect with the company directly. We helped create a system where HOT can manage their social media interactions and keep on top of their Facebook page. Quick stats:

  • The agents working on the CommBox solution and interacting with customers are more than 3 times more productive than the other teams.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys now get better results!
  • HOT have been recognised as the telecom company that provides the best social media customer experience in Israel!

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