Ran Yosef CommBox CMO & Annette Franz discussing the importance of customer journey and personalization in the digital age

We’ve got Annette Franz here with us today. Annette is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of CX Journey, and she was also recognized as one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider.

Today we will be focusing on customer journey. We hear a lot about the importance of mapping customer journey, and we all aim to provide the best possible journey to our customers. So how do we get started? How we can create an effective customer journey map? Is the process any different for B2C and B2B?

Do customers really want personalized experiences?

With organisations harnessing the power of different technologies, what will be the importance of predictive analytics on customer experience as we move towards the future?

How AI and automation blends in when we look at creating the ultimate customer journey? Will we see any further improvements on this?

Is building online communities will help companies in both mapping the customer journey and deliver a better personalization?

Learn why customers choose CommBox for their customer communications.

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