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Using SAP C4C as your CRM? Integrate CommBox to Provide a complete omnichannel experience for your customers through their channel of choice. Whether it's through WhatsApp, SMS, chat, social media, email, video, voice, and more! All communications are handled effectively through one smart inbox.

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SAP Customer Communication

Save in operational cost

For large and midsize enterprises that need to manage multiple service channels and strive for seamless communications, the CommBox platform bridges the gap between automated processes and human contact. Save in operational costs by automating everything that can be automated and leave the more complex tasks for the live agents.

Automate 70% of your repetitive tasks

With CommBox for SAP repetitive tasks can be diverted to self-service by automation to reduce the load of the agents while at the same time enable customers to access services 24/7. 

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Thank you BumpYard. Hello CommBox

Say hello to, the intelligent customer communication center for live and automated interactions.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have changed our company name to CommBox. It’s still the same company with the same awesome people! just a new name, a fresh look, and a brighter future.

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