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The New Era of Customer Service: Merging Conversational AI and Generative AI to Elevate CX
  • The New Era of Customer Service: Merging Conversational AI and Generative AI to Elevate CX


    In recent years, a remarkable transformation has taken place across various industries, ushering in a new era of customer service.

    This transformation is powered by the rapid emergence of conversational AI and generative AI. Both are incredibly intelligent technologies, each has its different purposes and uses.

    These cutting-edge AI tools have become invaluable in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations, especially in customer service and support.  

    In this article, we’ll dive into the uses and benefits of conversational AI and generative AI combined, and how you can get started utilizing these AI technologies in your customer service center. 

    5 ways to use conversational AI in customer Service

    Instant Responses 24/7 

    Chatbots powered by conversational AI never sleep. They can engage with customers at any time, instantly responding to queries and providing information. For instance, a potential customer visiting an e-commerce website like IKEA can get immediate answers about product specifications, availability, or shipping options, leading to an elevated experience and increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

    Enhanced Technical Support

    Conversational AI can assist technical support teams by handling routine inquiries and tasks. For instance, an AI chatbot can guide customers through troubleshooting steps for common technical issues such as setting up a new device, or sending them a user manual. This frees up human technical support agents to handle more complex and nuanced technical problems, leading to faster issue resolution.

    Personalized Interactions

    Conversational AI can analyze customer data and use it to provide highly personalized interactions. For instance, an AI chatbot for a subscription service can recommend content or products based on the customer’s preferences and interaction history, making the customer feel valued and understood. In insurance, an AI chatbot can manage renewals and claims processes while providing a personalized experience. 

    Generative AI for Customer Service Automation - CommBox


    Conversational AI can improve self-service quality by analyzing customer intents and providing them with suitable self-service options. For example, a chatbot can understand when a customer needs to get a copy of an insurance policy or a warranty certificate, connect to the organization’s CRM via integration, and send the relevant policy. This process can be managed end-to-end, without involving human agents, saving valuable time. 

    Data-Driven Insights

    Conversational AI collects vast amounts of data from customer interactions. Businesses can analyze this data to gain valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and frequently asked questions. These insights can be used to improve service quality, enhance load balancing between human and automated support, and improve decision-making, ultimately leading to an elevated experience and higher satisfaction rates.

    How to use generative AI to boost conversational AI-powered experiences 

    Sentiment Analysis

    Generative AI can identify emotional nuances during customer conversations, and generate a more sensitive, tailored response to what a customer is feeling, ensuring a holistic and emotionally intelligent customer experience. 

    For example: generative AI can identify unsatisfied customers and offer a suitable solution to . Furthermore, it can transfer customers to a human agent in severe cases, minimizing potential churn. Generative AI can also identify patterns in conversations and analyze key triggers, empowering human decision-makers. 


    Combining conversational AI and Generative AI can amplify personalization levels by not only generating responses and recommendations that are profoundly tailored to individual customers, but can also predict their potential needs and preferences. This intelligent combination, will guarantee customer service managers a more personal and satisfying experience. 

    Generative AI Chatbot for Customer Service Automation - CommBox Improve Response Adjustment

    Response Adjustment

    Combining generative AI with conversational AI enables customer service centers to adjust the tone of voice of their responses, both for automate and human support. For example: generative AI can rephrase an automated answer to fit a customer’s communication style, or based on its sentiment. Human agents can also use generative AI to improve their response clarity, and make it more friendly. 

    Conversation Summary

    It takes a human agent 5 to 6 minutes to summarize a single agent-customer conversation. Generative AI minimizes that monotonous task to mere seconds, by automatically analyzing the conversation data and extracting highlights – as a well-documented conversation summary. Then, the conversation summary is saved in the CRM for future interactions, providing customer service managers with higher operational efficiency, and empowering better decision-making. 

    Conversation Summary - Generative AI Chatbot for Customer Service Automation - CommBox

    Conversational AI Platform Deployment Plan

    Before jumping right into the deep waters of automation, it’s important to first define your business challenges, objectives and use cases. 

    Planning and Preparation

    Business Challenges Assessment 

    Start by defining your company’s specific business challenges and objectives for deploying conversational AI. Identify the key service areas where the technology will be applied.

    Data Collection

    Gather and organize the data necessary for training the AI, including customer service logs, FAQs, and other relevant documents.

    Use Cases 

    Identify key use cases for conversational AI, such as handling customer inquiries, providing support, handling renewal requests, checking order status, and other key use cases, in order to properly train your conversational AI. 

    Generative AI role

    Define the scope of generative AI in your automated experience. Should generative AI only intervene in specific cases? Should it address customers in a specific tone? Define these areas to 

    Development and Training

    Data Preparation

    Clean and preprocess the collected data to make it suitable for training the AI model. This may involve data cleaning, labeling, and structuring.


    Train the conversational AI model using the prepared data. Define key intents you want to model to focus on. Fine-tune the model iteratively to improve its accuracy and performance.


    Develop the necessary integrations to connect the conversational AI with your company’s systems, databases, and communication channels.

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    User Testing

    Conduct thorough testing with real users to evaluate the AI’s performance, accuracy, and user experience. Gather feedback to make necessary improvements.

    Scalability Testing

    Ensure that the AI can handle increased loads and scale as the volume of interactions grows.

    Security and Compliance

    Implement robust security measures to protect customer data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA.

    Deployment and Maintenance


    Deploy the conversational AI platform, starting with a limited set of interactions and gradually expanding to cover more service areas.


    Continuously monitor the AI’s performance using key metrics such as response times, customer satisfaction (CSAT), abandonment rate, conversation volume growth, chat transfer rate to a human agent, bot adoption rate by customers, and other relevant metrics. Trigger real-time alerts for issues.

    Maintenance and Updates

    Regularly update the AI model to adapt to changing customer needs and evolving language patterns. Address issues and improve the system as required.

    Documentation and Training

    Provide training for customer support agents and maintain comprehensive documentation for troubleshooting and system updates.

    Implementing Generative AI in customer service in 5 steps 

    Choose an AI-powered customer communications platform 

    Choosing the most technologically advanced platform is key to ensuring a robust and reliable foundation, helping you to reach your business goals. 

    Start by looking for an AI-powered omnichannel customer communication platform that natively allows the implementation and enhancement of AI chatbots, powered by generative AI, without requiring coding expertise. 

    Utilizing an omnichannel platform will enable you to manage all customer interactions across channels from a single agent workspace, serving as a central interface for human agents and AI chatbots.

    Define main use cases to automate 

    Analyze your customer engagements and identify time-consuming use cases. Define the top use cases to automate and build the knowledge required to automate these use cases. For example: a product return and exchange process, or loans and mortgages – define the main questions that a customer must answer in order to return/replace a product, which responses the customer should receive, and what systems are to be integrated to automate the process end-to-end. 

    Generative AI Chatbot - Customer Service Automation with CommBox

    Launch your generative AI chatbot

    With your AI omnichannel platform in place, and you have defined the main use cases to automate, you can launch your GenAI virtual assistance and automate time-consuming tasks. For instance: scanning your website’s FAQ page will enable the virtual agent to respond immediately based on the supplied database.

    Train live agents on using Generative AI tools 

    Empower agents to utilize GenAI tools in tangible customer service situations, thereby enriching their knowledge and amplifying their productivity. For example, you can quickly train agents on how to enable an automated conversation summary or rephrase their response tone, based on sentiment and customer request. 

    Measure and optimize generative AI performance 

    Continuously monitor and evaluate your customer service performance, and the impact generative AI has on your key metrics, such as: call abandonment rates, resolution rates, and CSAT scores.  Analyze conversations to identify weaknesses and re-adjust your script to provide human assistance when necessary, enhance business efficiency and drive higher satisfaction. 


    With conversational AI and Generative AI, businesses have infinite potential to revolutionize customer service, support and sales. This synergy ensures that the human touch is not lost but is, in fact, enhanced, leading to more impactful and delightful customer experiences.

    Join the new era, with Generative AI and conversational AI at your fingertips.

    About CommBox 

    Since 2013, CommBox has been a leader in CX automation, transforming the way brands and consumers communicate on digital channels – trusted by over 300 organizations including IKEA and AIG. 


    The CommBox Omnichannel platform offers advanced generative AI capabilities, from the instant creation of Generative AI bots to empowering human agents with AI suggested responses and conversation summaries. CommBox is truly the all-in-one solution for customer service, support and sales organizations, looking to make a quantum leap into the world of Generative AI. 

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