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The Role of Social Media in Customer Service, a Social Media Guide

The Role of Social Media in Customer Service, a Social Media Guide

Building relations with customers via social media and the way these channels are managed is an essential element of the brand’s success. Social Media can positively influence sales and to a large extent brand loyalty and connection.

And although social media was initially used primarily for personal use and to maintain personal interactions, with their development and growing popularity they’ve become a valuable tool to build a community around brands.

Here we’re going to discuss the importance of Social Media in driving customer service. We’ll give you a quick take away answer here, then dive into more details…

What is the role of social media in customer service? The use of social media plays a significant role in customer service. The mutual benefits of easy brand accessibility via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others allow easy customer contact and engaging social interaction, providing brand building and widescale contact through multiple channels.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, it saves a lot of time and money. In addition, the use of social networking sites allows you to reach a much wider group of customers than using traditional methods.

This form of contact is extremely convenient for customers as it taps into their social network and social time, it allows for quick contact with the customer service department, without the need to make endless inconvenient phone calls.

It’s worth it for a business to use numerous social media channels at the same time to provide customers with the freedom to choose their preferred form of contact.

Thanks to the ability to speak directly with brands via social media channels, it means many customers feel “closer” to the brand and therefore can emotionally connect and invest in it.

Plus, they’re more likely to use this form of contact that’s molded around their daily lifestyles, which also ensures greater and flexible accessibility. Using such a solution will not only increase the effectiveness of activities in this area but will also have a positive impact on the company’s image for convenience and social interaction.

Social media and the culture of customer service

Implementing a social media strategy in your customer service model will give you a chance to communicate with consumers at a level that ensures they feel part of your story, and encourages them to recommend your brand to others.

One of the main changes that must be made in order to implement an effective customer service strategy is a change in your “corporate” way of thinking. Customer service should not be limited to immediate patching of holes and solving new problems – but should consist of reaching out, anticipating the needs of customers before they’re even aware they have a need.


Below are a few elements that will help you integrate your company with the social media customer service standard.

The Role of Social Media in Customer Service, a Social Media Guide

Customers In Social Media – How To Get Them?

“Generate high-quality, valuable content that customers want”

How To Increase Sales Through Social Media?

If you want to increase sales in the long term through social media activities, you need to also be prepared to use this channel for customer service too.

Many e-commerce companies are already using both Facebook and Instagram to not only sell effectively but also to give potential customers detailed information.

Social media is useful within the whole sales process. Unfortunately, their role often ends with building awareness and traffic on the site, but they can provide extensive capabilities beyond awareness, that can help you strengthen every step of the way that a customer goes toward making a purchase.

In short, you can use social media to intently move leads to the final phase, which is the purchase.

Social media as a sales tool

Social media as a sales tool

If you already have satisfied customers, encourage them to leave a short review. It doesn’t have to be a complex or official review – people like to give opinions and share their experiences.

Customer service via Facebook

Currently, much of the communication on the Internet takes place via social networking sites. One of the most popular platforms is Facebook Messenger.

It’s an effective form of communication with customers. It also enjoys high availability among billions of users. Thanks to a special CommBox module, you’ll be able to facilitate the organization of business messages, comments, and opinions.

This solution enables faster response to customer inquiries, which plays a key role in building a positive image of the company.

Facebook enables contact with the customer not only via messages but also via the company’s own fanpage. Here, customers can publish opinions about the company. It’s also an ideal forum for business advertising. By publishing the content on the company’s fan page you will likely get a larger customer base and a chance to improve the image of the company.

The CommBox Facebook module allows you to easily connect Facebook pages to the platform. It enables you to engage and manage all your and your customers’ page posts, wall & timeline, likes, comments, reactions, mentions, reviews, Messenger messages, and even Dark Posts (ads that do not appear on your timeline) – all in real-time!

Instagram, an efficient customer service tool

Another noteworthy solution is to use the Instagram platform. This portal allows not only the publication of marketing content but also direct contact with customers through messages and comments.

In addition, the content published on Instagram is enriched with interesting photos, striking images attract the attention of new customers and can positively influence the image of the company.

CommBox Instagram module allows you to connect your Instagram accounts, view your customer comments and reply to them from the smart inbox. Thanks to this you’ll be able to optimize and improve communication with your customers.                                                             

Customer service on Twitter

More and more brands use Twitter for their customer service activities. Remember to answer all the questions and provide a quick response. By using the right keywords in the content published on this platform, you’ll be able to broaden your reach to potential customers. 

The CommBox Twitter module allows you to efficiently control your twitter accounts and to tweet directly from the smart inbox, as well as to reply to your customer tweets and mentions, and respond to their Twitter’s direct messages.

How to reach your customers on YouTube?

YouTube is also a great tool that will help you promote your business. It’ worth exploiting this method in order to reach an already wide and growing audience. Additionally, you can use the platform to publish manuals and other content to help you solve problems reported by your customers.

The CommBox YouTube app allows easy and simple control of your YouTube channel, upload videos directly from the manage panel, view your customer’s comments and reply.

CommBox, your best partner in customer service

CommBox modules are fully integrated with the most popular and effective social networking sites. Their use can facilitate contact with customers and shorten the response time to individual requests, which, in turn, plays a key role in customer service.

The use of social media together with the CommBox platform to easily provide your customers with access to customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers will be able to submit inquiries in a convenient way, and an attractive profile on individual portals will certainly improve the image of your company and encourage new customers to use its services.

Find out more about the CommBox smart customer communication solution

To sum up…

Social media is an excellent way to provide modern customer service. It’s beneficial for both customers and the company because it’s easy for both.

If you’re interested in implementing social media customer service solutions into your business, then take a look into other articles available on our website, as well as familiarize yourself with our platform and product offer. Get smart when it comes to offering your customer service at the highest level, with the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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