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Want To Level Up Your Digital Customer Experience? Here Are 6 Best Practices

Want To Level Up Your Digital Customer Experience? Here Are 6 Best Practices

With the acceleration of digital technologies over the last decade, customer behavior has shifted. Customers have now come to expect and rely on a range of digital experiences underpinned by cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning. The growth of data science can’t be underestimated here. These amazing new digital experiences are only possible because companies have advanced dramatically in collecting and analyzing data.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and give your customers the best digital experiences possible in 2021, you need to be deliberate. Compelling customer digital experiences don’t happen by accident. Instead, they are cultivated and curated.

Ready to level up your digital experiences? Follow these six best practices.

Why Customer Experience is So Important

In 2021, customer experience is how companies compete. The Temkin Group survey found that 45.9% of businesses said their top priority in the next five years was customer experience. In second place was product at 33.6%, and in third place, was the price at 20.5%. You read that right! Price is now one of the least competitive parts of doing business. Why? Because customer expectations have evolved. Customers today understand that there’s a lot of choices out there. They can find several products in a similar price range, all with a few clicks. With so many similar options available, customers start to look for something else that can elevate their experience with a brand.

Here are some other recent statistics you should know about customer experience today:

6 Best Digital CX Practices

6 Best Digital CX Practices

1.  Listen to the Experts!

While it’s important to listen to customers, you should reconcile customer wants with experts’ advice. Experts have studied digital CX and come up with evidence-based strategies. Here are some things you should pay close attention to:

The Customer Lifecycle

Experts break down the customer experience into logical chunks. By understanding these stages, you can begin to design a comprehensive digital strategy that wows customers. There are generally considered to be seven key stages to the customer lifecycle:

Others Tips from Experts:

2.  Segment Your Audience

If you’re still treating your customers as one big monolith, you’re making a mistake. It’s likely that your customers are buying your product for varied reasons, even if their motivations sometimes align. You will have much more success converting customers if you can create unique digital experiences that align with each customer segment.

There are many different ways you can segment your customers:

Once you’ve created your customer segments, you can begin to personalize their experiences. For example, you might want to market specific products to your most high-value customers but not to your infrequent customers (because they are unlikely to convert). Similarly, you might notice patterns like how customers in younger age ranges customers with high economic value are rarely. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on these customers. However, it does mean that you might want to focus on your cheaper product range in new marketing campaigns targeted towards this segment (say, 15 to 25-year-olds).

3.  Leverage Emotion

A key component of customer experiences, whether digital or not, is human emotion. Emotion is what captivates your audience, makes your brand memorable, and ultimately encourages potential customers to convert. One study found that 92% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand when a positive emotion is created. Additionally, 88% of customers will spend more, and 91% will be willing to advocate for your brand.

If you want to break away from the pack, you need to focus on establishing emotional connections with your customers.

The Harvard Business Review created a list of over 300 motivators that span industries, segments, and brands. Here are the most prominent ones that apply to customers no matter your industry:

One of the more surprising findings from this report is that customers often misreport their emotional connection to a digital experience. For example, customers who engage in omnichannel experiences are proven to be more emotionally connected to the company, and therefore more profitable. However, customers will often report that something else had a bigger emotional impact on them, even when the data doesn’t reflect this. To avoid investing your resources in the wrong places, you should invest in customer data analysis software.

Track Customer Behavior and Sentiment

4.  Track Customer Behavior and Sentiment

If you’re not measuring customer satisfaction, then now is the time to start. Here are some metrics you should be focusing on:

You should also be tracking customer behavior by keeping a record of past purchase history, interactions with customer service, and interactions with your digital channels.

5.  Make it Easy to Access Customer Support

Far too many companies make it too difficult for customers to access customer support. If your customer support details are hidden away on a webpage that is hard to find and requires many click-throughs, something needs to change. If a customer finds it hard to contact you, they will think you’re making it hard intentionally. The negative emotions they are already experiencing will be exacerbated.

6.  Make Self-Service a Priority

Customers don’t always want to talk to someone; sometimes, they want to solve the issue themselves. Offer customer knowledge bases, product guides, blog posts, and of course, chatbots. A major aspect of providing excellent customer experiences is offering convenience.

Here are some tips for your self-service channels:

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