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What Is CommBox? An Inside Look At The Most Advanced Omnichannel Platform

What Is CommBox? An Inside Look At The Most Advanced Omnichannel Platform

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What Is CommBox? The world is going through a digital revolution as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data grows exponentially through every part of our lives. The ability for consumers to automate their lives using just a Smartphone or voice-controlled devices such as Alexa and Google Home has only raised expectations when it comes to how their want to interact with businesses.

To keep up with the competition, it is imperative that businesses invest in the right technology and resources to deliver the personalised experience that their customers expect. With the automated customer service tools from Commbox, companies can start doing exactly that.

CommBox utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications such as machine learning and natural language processing to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Before we look into the products in more detail and tell you all the reasons to work with CommBox, let’s explain exactly what we mean when talking about AI.

How does CommBox use AI and machine learning?

Many of us perceive AI to be all about robots taking over the world but a lot of this comes from what we see in movies and doesn’t give a true reflection of where we are today. In fact, AI is present in our lives more than we realize. Every time we get a recommendation from Netflix or Amazon through to receiving targeted Facebook advertising or a sales agent knowing about us; they are all examples of amazing ways AI is transforming what we do.

All these transformations use an application of AI known as machine learning. In its simplest form, this the technique of using data to make decisions on what will happen in the future. As more data is added, the machine gains experience and learns in an automated way without the need for human intervention. AI is the system i.e. CommBox and machine learning is the data and algorithms that drive it to make decisions.

Every business has data which means everyone can benefit from our intelligent solutions.

An introduction to CommBox and our products

In order to fulfil our harmonious and complete vision for customer interactions and retention, we employ a unique set of machine learning algorithms at the core of our platform. The aim is to create an autonomous customer interaction center. Just like Netflix might recommend the right show for a customer to watch, CommBox drives the perfect experience through offering the right communication channel at the right time. Every interaction gets special attention.

AssignX maximizes human agents’ workload by routing the best fitting conversations/objects to the right agents at the right time with complete business awareness and flexibility. For more information

Our revolutionary AutoX algorithm is at the core of our Automation Scripts engine which lets you write conversational and non-conversational automation scripts far more advanced than the traditional chatbots and workflows while being very simple to use. For more information

Our IntentX algorithm categories customer texts to Intents.

It is a unique Machine Learning approach that is very accurate, holistic and easy to train.

TransformX™ is a unique Machine Learning algorithm that takes the output of some of the other algorithms and big data.Our platform provide crunches all the data points to identify patterns and produce a continuous set of very actionable suggestions to automate more business processes and conversations.

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Reinvent the way you communicate with your customers

With unique and innovative products, the intelligent customer service center for live and automated interactions from CommBox is helping customers reinvent how they communicate with customers. Our AI and machine learning framework help clients deliver tools that ensure the customer is always in the front row and receiving an automated experienced to help achieved your lead generation and sales goals.

Here is a deeper look into the core CommBox products that work towards an autonomous customer interaction center.


AssignX maximizes human agents’ workload by routing the best fitting conversations/objects to the right agents at the right time with complete business awareness and flexibility.

Routing in the digital asynchronous era is not trivial. We employ a unique heuristic approach that is simple and efficient opposed to the traditional spaghetti queue management way.

We take into account many features in order to decide who gets what in real-time. Key features include:

▪ Synchronous level awareness – We route conversation with complete regard to their sync level. We have 3 sync levels. A-Sync (most of the digital channels such as mail, messaging, social etc), Sync (Chat), Face-2-Face (Voice, Video Chat)

▪ Agent-Customer affinity scores

▪ Dynamic agents load and continuous rebalance

▪ Easy define/integrate business rules

▪ VIP customer workflows and tags

How Assign X from CommBox will help you to succeed

Many customers who contact a call center receive a bad experience when the agent doesn’t know the answer to their question or keeps them on hold for too long. AssignX ensures that doesn’t happen by sending each customer through to the agent that is best equipped to help them.

Beyond an improved customer experience, you can expect reduced cost from agents solving queries at the first time of asking, better retention and more motivated staff who can become experts in their field.


Our revolutionary AutoX algorithm is at the core of our Automation Scripts engine which lets you write conversational and non-conversational automation scripts, far more advanced than the traditional chatbots and workflows, while being very simple to use.

In contrast to other bot/automation framework, in AutoX you don’t need to define all the routes and states for a dialog. You just need to build the hierarchy of the conversation and actions.

We employ an algorithm that continuously calculates the score and context using our DirDist™ method. By doing so, it is much more natural and operates as the human cognitive brain does when our brain tries to understand context. The more data that is fed into the algorithm, the more it learns how to come up with the perfect responses, making it the ideal communication tool for the call enter environment.

Also, we run JavaScript inside our engine in order to make it much more flexible and familiar, so if you want to build complicate scripts, you can do it easily.

How Auto X from CommBox will help you to succeed

The hype around conversational chatbots has turned into a real stable trend over the last couple of years and companies failing to invest in the technology run the risk of losing customers. Whilst many businesses have a chatbot, the challenge lies in creating a successful one and this is exactly where Auto X is built to last.

A survey by Tidio on eCommerce shoppers in the US showed that 43% prefer a Chatbots as a method of communication as opposed to other channels. However, they are likely to go elsewhere if chatbots don’t know the answer and cannot help.

Our unique algorithms better ensure that your chatbot knows the answer to customer queries but beyond that, understands the context and tries to build a connection. AutoX is built with the right ingredients to succeed.


Our IntentX algorithm categories customer texts to Intents.

It is a unique Machine Learning approach that is very accurate, holistic and easy to train.

Some key features are:

• Short to medium text support

• Natural text – not restricted to bot-aware language

• Multilingual by design

• Easy to train (10-30 sentences in order to start working)

• Business Entities Extraction

• Realtime training and text classification

• Self learning for intent maintenance

How Intent X from CommBox will help you to succeed

Natural language processing (a form of machine learning that analyses text) is big business and through the commercial deployment of Alexa and Google Home, has become something of a customer expectation. Just imagine if Alexa couldn’t interpret what the user was asking. Nobody would buy it. Our unique algorithms use a similar framework to put customer texts into the right context and recommend the correct response.

The more data that goes in, the more the algorithm learns, and accuracy improves. Provide the right answer without the need for human interaction, potentially saving thousands in resource costs at the same time.

Transform X

In order to scale the communication and interactions in the digital channels and create massive transformation from the traditional agent to customer manual approach.

TransformX™ is a Machine Learning unique algorithm that takes the output of some of the other algorithms and big data our platform provides and crunch them all to identify patterns and eventually produce a continuous set of very actionable suggestions to automate more business processes and conversations.

How Transform X from CommBox will help you to succeed

Manual processes and procedures can often be the biggest cost to a business. Through our platform and the omni-channel data it collects, CommBox has the ability torecommend ways you can automate those processes and make a more efficient and productive business model. This could come from analysing conversations to discover the root cause of problems or reviewing key metrics like interaction times and speeds.

CommBox is not just a customer service & messaging software

When you combine all those applications together, you soon realise that CommBox is far more than a traditional call center platform. The unique machine learning algorithms and focus on digital transformation, enable you to engage your customers like you never have before within an omni-channel environment.

The use of data ensures that you speak to customers in the way they prefer to be spoken to, promoting the best possible experience and ultimately, customer loyalty.

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How to get started with CommBox

Choosing the right vendor for your communication and data needs can be a challenge and it is important that you pick the right partner.  There are several reasons why CommBox should be your partner of choice.

Open Platform

Our open platform means you can perform a full-scale customisation of the system, adding JavaScript functions, customised CSS or redesigned menus. This also comes with a wide variety of integrations that will ensure we can integrate with your current platforms. There are several “Out of the Box” widgets to get you started but after that, the CommBox platform is one of the most scalable out there.

CommBox also includes an Open API to extend the features even further.

Flexible Deployment

We recognise that businesses have different infrastructures and frameworks when it comes to IT needs. With that in mind, we offer solutions to suit your individual circumstances.

– Cloud – with Big Data and machine learning comes the inevitable use of cloud technology. Our fully managed solution can work out-of-the-box on an all cloud network.

– Isolated Cloud – We have flexible installation and configuration processes to work with any number of servers if you want to run your own set of nodes in an isolated cloud network. This means you can separate and encrypt your data efficiently.

– On premise – if you are yet to move to a cloud server that is not a problem either. CommBox has a full on-premise deployment model available where you can decide on the procedures to keep your data safe


With new technology comes new threats and CommBox do everything we can to negate any potential problems. We offer enterprise-grade security capabilities that ensures full control of your data. It is packed with features to ensure safe transportation as well as automatic identification, obfuscation, IP whitelisting and much more. With large companies like AIG and DHL being some of our customers, we know they wouldn’t settle for anything less than the highest standards.


Whilst some of our competitors offer excellent solutions, the single platform 360-degree omni-channel experience provided by CommBox sets us above the rest. From Facebook to WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, email and phone calls, your agents can see everything in one place to create an amazing experience for the customer.

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