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CommBox Telegram module allows you to connect your Instagram accounts, view your customer comments and reply to them from the unified inbox.  

Facebook Messenger

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Engage and support customers through the messenger app, integrated into the CommBox platform. Connect your AI bot to the messenger channel and automated interactions 24/7.


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The CommBox REST API allows you to integrate and perform queries to CommBox systems. The API is based on REST principles. It supports GET, POST, and DELETE requests. Use a GET request to retrieve information from a resource and a POST to update an entity. DELETE removes an entity. After receiving your request, the API […]

Active Directory

commbox app centrer icons Active Directory (44)

This module allows automatic user authentication via Active Directory (LDAP), so representatives do not need to type another password while logging in to the system. It also supports “silent login” through Windows Authentication.

Forms (Digital Signature)

commbox app centrer icons Forms (Digital Signature) (42)

The forms module allows customers to sign forms during a conversation with your representative. It is a co-browsing tool that enables representatives to monitor and guide the customers through complex forms. Just upload a PDF file and define fields that need to be filled in (both required and optional fields). You can send direct links […]


commbox app centrer icons Tracker (41)

This module tracks all customer activities on your website and the various apps installed on it (e.g. chat) using a specific embed code. It provides your representatives with a straightforward trail of all activities the specific customer has done so far. By defining rules, this module also allows sending alerts to representatives accordingly and offers […]

Web Syndication

commbox app centrer icons Web Syndication (40)

The Web Syndication app lets you connect RSS / ATOM syndication feeds as channels. It also offers Google Alerts integration to help you track and monitor your brand mentions across the web.

Theme Channels

commbox app centrer icons Theme Channels (39)

Theme Channels are a generic type of channel that can mix conversations from all other channel types. With this module, you can use these channels to have conversations grouped by theme or subject and not by the module (e.g. Facebook, SMS). Also, this is a good way to have skills or permissions according to the […]

Business Hours

commbox app centrer icons Business Hours (38)

The Working Hours module allows you to set a particular channel to run at certain days and hours – for example, a chat service which is available in different times for different countries or languages. This module allows you to automatically prepare for holidays and special occasions of different nationalities and religions rather than updating […]

Client-Side Customization

commbox app centrer icons Client-Side Customization (37)

Beyond what is accessible via standard APIs, this module allows your system administrators to perform full-scale customization of the system at the client level. You can add JavaScript functions, customize CSS, redesign menus, add options, run your own JS code, and use other advanced features.


commbox app centrer icons Themes (36)

Choose your CommBox theme, you can choose from our theme list and set the right colors according to your brand’s voice. You can also create a new theme that will fit your brand overall look and feel for complete user experience within the CommBox platform.

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