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Maximize Customer Satisfaction Through WhatsApp

Provide personalized experiences on WhatsApp: deliver 24/7 self-service, convert customers through campaigns, automate sales processes to grow revenue and cut costs. 

Maximize Customer Satisfaction Through WhatsApp ​
CommBox Certified Meta and Whatsapp Partner
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WhatsApp for Customer Service >

Deliver personalized interactions 24/7 via WhatsApp Self-Service

WhatsApp for Marketing icon campaigns

WhatsApp for Marketing >

Optimize your marketing efforts and boost conversions with personalized, bulk campaigns 

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WhatsApp for Automated Sales >

Utilize automation to empower sales reps, automate lead gen and payments 

WhatsApp for Security >

Authenticate customers safely using two-factor authentication and One-Time Passwords


Calls shifted to WhatsApp


Inquiries resolved via WhatsApp self-service 


Reduction in operational costs 


Increase in new customer acquisition 


Calls shifted to WhatsApp


Conversations automated


Reduction in CX costs 


Increase in acquisition 

WhatsApp for Customer Service

Offer 24/7 WhatsApp Service to Boost Efficiency and Satisfaction

WhatsApp Self-Service & FAQs

Utilize conversational AI via WhatsApp to resolve end-to-end use cases: answer FAQs, provide delivery statuses, automate renewals and route complex tasks to live agents – with a conversational AI chatbot on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp for Live Agents

3X your agent productivity by adding WhatsApp to your contact center. Connect with customers effortlessly and solve complex queries faster without hiring more agents.

WhatsApp for Customer Feedback

Get a deep analysis of customer satisfaction through WhatsApp surveys. Use Dashboard to analyze and identify recurring queries through tags and keywords. Optimize customer journeys backed by real-time data. 

Embrace WhatsApp Today. Elevate Your Customer Experience


CommBox Connected our 1000+ clinics, 14 hospitals and 4000 agents to a single WhatsApp number. With CommBox, we automated 47% of patient requests on WhatsApp and improved CSAT by 28% from WhatsApp Self-Service.

Gil Ruda, Head of Digital at Clalit Health

Read how Clalit Healthcare transformed its patient experience with self-service on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing

Boost Conversions with WhatsApp Campaigns

Personalized Offers

Schedule and send promotional offers via WhatsApp to increase customer engagement and conversions.

Events & Announcements

Send out the latest news, newsletters, events, and offers with a personalized invitation in a few clicks.  

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Trigger automated reminders in case of cart abandonment to recover and increase transaction value.


Boost your Marketing & Sales with WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp for Sales

Drive Sales and Revenue with WhatsApp Automation

Lead generation

Engage, capture and qualify leads effortlessly via WhatsApp. Use conversational AI chatbots to ask questions, Identify high-potential prospects and route them to sales reps when they’re ready to buy. 

Meeting Scheduling

Book more meetings faster and boost show rates through automate meeting scheduling via WhatsApp. Seal the deal faster and boost income.

Renewals & Upgrades

Trigger personalized product upgrade offers and renewals upon the due date. Connect an AI chatbot to continue the chat and seal the deal.

Altshuler Horizon Sales Automation Lead Qualification Bot

“We use CommBox for lead generation and sales automation. We achieved a 540% increase in leads and 760% growth in new customers, while reducing operational costs by 20%, all in 12 months”.  

Tal Raz, VP of Business Development,
Altushuler Shaham Horizon 

WhatsApp for Security

Keep Customers Data Secured with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Authenticate customers safely through One-Time Passwords (OTP) and two-factor authentication, sent automatically via WhatsApp. 

Account Set-Up

Help customers set up new accounts by verifying their identity and sending initial passwords via WhatsApp.

CommBox one time password OTP 2FA 2

Fully Integrated into Your Existing Business Systems

Make the most out of your existing investments by embedding CommBox into your CRM and other marketing and sales systems, for a complete solution that delivers exceptional experiences on any and every channel.

Intent Engine

Intent Engine

Smart routing

Smart Routing

Knowledge base

Knowledge Base

User Behavior Triggers

Rules & Triggers

Multi-Language Support

Secured & Encrypted Across All Touchpoints​

CommBox offers enterprise-grade security, ensuring complete encryption of sensitive information. Our security features comprise IP whitelisting, advanced data filtering, and flexible deployment options, including cloud, private cloud, and on-premises, among others. 

ISO 27001
ISO 27701
SOC 2 Type II
VPAT Compliance
ISO 27701
ISO 27001
SOC 2 Type II
VPAT Compliance

Embrace WhatsApp & AI to Enhance CX and Cut Costs

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