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With AI Powered Bots

Our open platform allows custom workflows, automates business processes and enables whatever can be done automatically to be automated and leaves only the hard stuff to the live agents.

A Platform Powered by AI

CommBox uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automatically generate rules and actions that help executives improve their organizations’ service, support and sales capabilities, offering a collection of constantly evolving, advanced automation and business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Automate Features

Omnichannel Chat Bot

CommBox offers a proprietary application for building advanced chatbots. The application allows organizations to build smart AI-powered chatbots, based on our Customer Context and Intentions modules, in an extremely straightforward and user-friendly manner. The chatbots can then be easily implemented in websites, mobile applications and social networks.

Automation Rules Triggered by
User Behavior

CommBox allows the organization to perform varied automation with rules that can run on even before a customer inquiry was made, by certain keywords or a defined trigger, without using a script. Depending on the settings you choose, these rules can change the current inquiry channel, send automatic messages, perform tagging, change the inquiry status, route to a different channel or launch other CommBox apps (e.g. chat, forms).

Understanding Customer Intentions

With CommBox, you can simply train your agents to understand the intentions of your customers from all communication channels without the need for technical knowledge. You can define “intentions” that you would like to understand from various conversations, and the system will provide customers with ready-made answers from the knowledge base that it creates. You can automatically engage customers and perform predefined actions upon identifying their intentions based on complex logic.

User Behavior Tracking and Response

CommBox offers advanced identity consolidation capabilities. The system rapidly tracks all customer activities on your website and on the various apps installed on it (e.g. chat) using a specific embed code. It provides your agents with a straightforward trail (timeline) of all the activities the specific customer has performed so far in all communication channels, including social networks. By defining rules, it is also possible to send alerts to agents accordingly and to use CommBox’s automation features.

Automate Benefits

Use a single omni channel communication environment for all automation and integration
Shorten business processes using autonomous service
Take the load off your team and enhance customer care
Always be there for your customers. Our bots are never out for coffee :)

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We’re extremely excited to announce that we have changed our company name to CommBox. It’s still the same company with the same awesome people! just a new name, a fresh look, and a brighter future.

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