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CommBox offers a variety of proprietary omni channel, customer support applications that enable you to engage your customers in the most responsive and effective way whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

Now you can easily launch new service channels to deliver unified, omni customer service, regardless of whether it is through ticket management, email, bots, web chat support, video chat, voice, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, social media and even application stores.

Email & Messaging

CommBox lets you quickly implement multiple customer communication channels, such as email, WhatsApp, SMS etc., that are a fully customizable and function seamlessly with desktop and mobile devices.


The Email module connects your existing or new mailboxes to CommBox and allows you to control all your email messages, reply to your customers, and categorize your entire correspondence. Each one of your organization’s public email addresses will be set as a communication channel. CommBox supports standard email protocols and common email features, such as conversation views, threads, signatures, design tools, routing rules, automated messages and statuses.


The WhatsApp module enables you to connect WhatsApp Business to CommBox and effectively manage all your WhatsApp correspondence with your customers through our platform.

Facebook Messenger

Our Facebook Messenger module enables you to integrate the Messenger Platform with CommBox and design bots on our platform to use them on Facebook Messenger.


The SMS and MMS modules offer two-way communication with customers by SMS or MMS messages. They integrate with existing IVR technologies, so you can reduce the load on the contact center.

These modules also enable personalization and reply management for bulk marketing, so your customers can reply directly to the SMS and MMS messages you send them.

Twitter Direct Messages

Our Twitter Direct Messages module enables you to connect Twitter DM to CommBox and effectively manage all your Twitter correspondence with your customers through our platform.

Social Media Interactions

CommBox enables you to efficiently and simultaneously manage your brand assets and online conversation across all your social media channels through a single, unified view.


The Facebook module allows you to easily connect Facebook pages to CommBox. It enables you to engage and manage all your and your customers' page posts, wall & timeline, likes, comments, reactions, mentions and reviews in real-time.


The Twitter module allows you to efficiently control your twitter accounts and to tweet directly from the smart inbox, as well as to reply to your customer tweets and mentions.


The YouTube module allows you to reply to your YouTube channels’ video comments directly from your smart inbox.


The Instagram module allows you to connect your Instagram accounts, view your customer comments and reply to them from the smart inbox.

Customer Service App

The Customer Service app enables you to build an "inner wall" for private customer communications, keeping your website, app or public Facebook “clean”.

Online Chat & Web Apps

CommBox allows you to add personal, flexible and responsive service areas, menus and call-to-action buttons to your websites, mobile applications and social media channels.


The Bot app is virtually a studio for building advanced bots. The application allows organizations to build smart AI-powered bots in an extremely straightforward and user-friendly manner. The bots can then be easily implemented in our Chat and Navigator apps, and later in instant messaging, SMS, social networks and other channels.

Interactive Navigator

The Interactive Navigator app is “the new IVR” – a smart menu builder that controls the flow of your website and apps users and takes them where they need to go in the fastest way possible. It enables you to define customizable menus and transfer your customers to other services or teams. For example, a mobile network operator would probably choose options like “change you plan”, “upgrade your device” or “report device loss or theft”.


The Chat app allows your customers to communicate with your agents directly from your website or mobile application. This fully featured app enables you to customize the look & feel of the chat with full CSS support, send automatic messages, manage working hours and headlines, and work both synchronously and asynchronously. You can also send photos, audio/video messages and real-time locations/maps.

Contact Us App

The Contact Us app allows your customers to choose in which channel they prefer to leave you a message (chat, email, SMS, Facebook page, Messenger, etc.)

Customer Service App

The Customer Service app enables you to build an “inner wall” for private customer communications. By implementing both private and public walls, your website, app or public Facebook wall stay “clean”, since your customers are invited to connect with you directly instead of talking publicly about personal things that should remain private. The customers clearly see the statuses of their specific inquiries and get notifications each time your agents address them.

Video Chat & Web Call

CommBox lets you choose in which scenarios and from which web pages your customers will be able to contact your team directly either by voice or by video chat.

Video Chat

The Video Chat app allows your customers and agents see and hear each other directly from the browser or mobile app.

It delivers video and audio to just about any device without installing any plugins, and offers both synchronous and asynchronous conferencing.
You can also record and take snapshots during the video chat!

Web Call

Our Web Call app enables customers to call you directly from your website using their desktop or mobile devices. This proprietary app represents an innovative concept that is more suitable for today’s customers, who reach your website/app and do not want to search for your phone number, dial it and wait for you to answer. Using Web Call, you not only save them time and hassle, but also manage the call on CommBox and see the customers’ history and pages they visited prior to the call.


Want to connect your phone numbers to CommBox? No problem. Now you can make phone calls and manage your conversations using our call center application.

Voice & Call Center Application

The Voice module is a flexible, programmatic and complete cloud-based solution. This module lets you make and receive phone calls using regular phone numbers. It is as simple as it sounds!

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Massively scale up digital transformation
Easily implement new communication channels
Get tailor-made features, integration and branding
Provide a unified and enhanced customer experience

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