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Discover CommBox AI powered chatbot for business. Our AI powered chatbot is using a machine learning algorithm to understand the intent of your customers and provide a more natural, elegant and high-level communication that will sway your customers.

    AI Powered Chatbot Main Features


    Simply as hiring a human, CommBox AI powered chatbot effectively learn from every interaction it has with your customers and gets smarter with time.


    Our AI powered chatbot never goes on a break. It’s available at all time to serve your customers weather if it’s on your company website, app, WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

    Always in your brand’s voice

    The AI powered chatbot will communicate exactly how your brand should. It will use the same level of humor, tone, personality and language at each time.

    Build Dedicated AI Powered Chatbot According to Your Specific Use Case in Minutes

    Bots can communicate between themselves which means a conversation can be transferred from one Bot to another according to the flow of the conversation. From the user point of view this process will be completely transparent.
    CommBox lets you build bots according to your specific use case in just a few minutes. No codding skills required. Our main goal is making our customers sovereign using our platform.
    The Bots will be able to identify and or change skills. For example, if the Bot configured for customer service purposes and the incoming conversation is sales oriented, the Bot will be able to identity that and transfer the conversation to the sales department and or agent.

    The Only Bot That Serves Out of the Box on All Channels

    No integrations needed. The CommBox bots works harmoniously with all other modules in the system for a complete omnichannel experience.
    CommBox bot can start the conversation until resolution, or hand it over to the right agent at the right time if the interaction become too complex in some cases.
    Omnichannel by design, CommBox bot can serve all available channels in a complete harmony with the human team.

    Implement AI Powered Bots Now

    Reduce operational costs

    Provide instant responses

    Stay available anytime and anywhere

    Increase sales on your website or app

    Increase customer and agent satisfaction

    Leverage the data generated from the customer interactions

    Implement AI Powered Bots Now

    Upgrade your customer experience and let your customers communicate with you the way THEY prefer.
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    Convert customers to achieve your business goals with fast onboarding and lead generation features.
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