Boost Your Sales with WhatsApp Promotional Messaging

Over 50 million businesses use the WhatsApp Business platform to offer their products and services to more than 2 billion consumers, and the numbers are constantly climbing.
By launching WhatsApp campaigns with CommBox, brands can reach a wider audience at a press of a button, build stronger relationships with their customers and increase sales faster.

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Why Use WhatsApp Promotional Messages?

WhatsApp Business messages have an amazing 98% open rate! Additionally, marketing automation via WhatsApp can generate up to 14X more sales!

WhatsApp should be part of any omnichannel marketing strategy. It can complement promotional activity on other channels, like website banners or social media posts, or creatively engage with customers in its own right. Hands down, its greatest benefit is enabling businesses to initiate communication with known contacts. It’s also extremely cost-effective to market directly to people who have already shown an interest in your products or services.

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CommBox - One Powerful Customer Communication Solution

Commbox easily connects to WhatsApp Business API, allowing you to get messages sent via WhatsApp into your unified inbox and efficiently manage all inquiries across channels. With CommBox, support agents don’t need to switch channels – they see all interactions in the CommBox inbox, no matter which channel customers sent the message through. When your business is connected to CommBox, customers can enjoy a seamless experience no matter what channel they use.

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CommBox allows you to create automated campaigns using WhatsApp's approved templates, and send promotional messages to thousands of customers at once! You can build chatbots to automatically respond to customers' messages and provide live human assistance when it's needed. All correspondence is automatically saved in your CRM, analyzed and presented as insights you can use for future interactions.

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