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5 Best SEO Strategies To Boost Your Recruitment Agency

5 Best SEO Strategies To Boost Your Recruitment Agency

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SEO Strategies. Recruitment agencies across the globe regularly outsource multiple strategies to boost their agency in the present day recruitment space. One of the best tools used to improve any given industry is using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From shortlisting to interviewing, agencies will do everything conceivable to recruit top talent by attracting qualified candidates by using a solid SEO plan.

Use these tips to enhance your agency with a winning SEO plan:

  1. Competitive keywords

In the early days of digital marketing, good SEO meant keywords—and lots of them. In an attempt to rank higher on the search engine results page, oftentimes without context. Targeting keywords relevant to the job you offer and your services will definitely improve your website ranks. This strategy will help you understand how competitive those keywords are. There’s no point in targeting a keyword that you think is relevant to your recruitment agency if no one is searching for these terms. Once you have obtained a list of names or phrases, ensure that you apply them to your website. However, if you overpower your site with keywords it may have a negative effect on your website. Be sure that these keywords appear in a natural context and that content provides value to your visitors on your site. By doing so, Google will reward you with a higher search rank which will benefit your online presence.

With this in mind and after building a reputable and strong online presence you can certainly focus on optimizing your marketing funnel to generate more SQL’s and grow your business at scale.

  1. Curiosity and Quality

Having an onsite SEO checklist and creating an effective SEO-friendly meta title and meta description plays a huge role in determining if your article gets clicked. So what should you do to make sure you stand out from other recruiters? If you keep your title tag under 60 characters, research suggests that you can expect about 90% of your titles to display properly. Write one or two sentences that tell the reader what the blog post is about for meta descriptions. Websites that offer consistent, high-quality, and trusted content are often rewarded by Google. Treat any copy that’s part of your online as click-worthy content to attract and engage with candidates. Most importantly, always make sure content is original and engaging. By doing so you are not only creating a strong brand image but ultimately be able to build an online customer community that will strengthen your business even further with time.

  1. A Strong Career Section

The career section of your site is the key foundation of all SEO techniques. To grab talented, enthusiastic, and motivated people, design a rock-solid career category. It plays a crucial role as it provides it keeps the internal search engine simple for a job hunter. By adding filters to search functions on your sites, like job category, position, location, and qualification, makes it easier to attract job seekers. It becomes to gain access to potential openings without any difficulty. An old restaurant attracts the crowd by reinventing itself. The same holds true for an existing career section. Update and change this section every six months. A sound career section will help boost brand image and may even help you rank better for industries and the job titles that you have available.

  1. Mobile friendly and efficient

It is not enough to just have your site viewable on mobile devices and call it mobile-friendly. Nowadays, over 80% percent of job seekers report using a mobile device during their job search. Transforming your traditional recruitment process into one that is mobile-friendly can significantly improve your candidate experience. Making your site efficient and appear pleasing or attractive on smaller screens will definitely allow job seekers to smoothly access your sites during their search. Your mobile sites should be attractive, effective and the website’s copy must be easy to read and navigate, this means no pinching and zooming to explore your site. if your images are not optimized, or the font size is too small, or the buttons are finger tap unfriendly, your website may be punished by Google for not indexing your site pages for mobile searches with a low overall ranking. We know how hard it is to find a good web host, with good 24×7 customer support and the latest data security procedures in place, which goes a long way into determining how well your website will function. 28Msec is one place that can guide and help you decide the best host possible.

5 Essential SEO Strategies To Boost Your Recruitment Agency. Source: Pixabay
5 Essential SEO Strategies To Boost Your Recruitment Agency. Source: Pixabay
  1. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a hot platform for pretty much anything and everything these days. The use of social media for recruitment has grown tremendously in the past few years and as a recruitment company, there are many SEO strategies that will benefit your social media platform. Although it does not have a direct impact on your site ranking, it is an integral part of your strategy. It is an excellent channel to attract new candidates to your site and boost awareness regarding the job possibilities. Before you begin optimizing the available social media platforms, make sure that you have researched well. There’s no point in sending all your jobs across all social media platforms, however, find the one that brings you visitors that are more likely to apply for a job and then post them on that platform. For recruiters, these platforms act as an additional way to promote job vacancies, which helps increase visibility of your postings. Also, make it easy for viewers to ‘like’ your job posts and encourage sharing for increased visibility. By having a good social media presence you are allowing candidates to look for your company and your jobs.

By using the tips above, you can make your website SEO friendly and can easily be found by Google and other dominant search engines and improve your conversions.

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